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Effects of Humidity on Concrete in Miami

Miami is known for its warm, sunny climate with a relative humidity level of around 75%. While the heat can be appealing for all those beachy activities, the humidity can be more problematic. Not only can high humidity levels feel uncomfortable, but they can also affect your concrete surfaces. Here’s what you need to know […]

Terrazzo Today Miami

Terrazzo might just be one of the oldest flooring systems in the world. First used in what is now known as Turkey, terrazzo has been used for thousands of years, predating human recorded history. Ancient terrazzo floors have been unearthed in both Pompeii and Herculaneum, and mosaic artists in Venice refined the technique using leftover […]

Epoxy Garage – Miami

Traditionally, garage floors have been simple concrete floors. Occasionally polished for added durability, simple concrete floors served their purpose with little fuss. Today, homeowners want more from their garages and flooring, which is why epoxy garage flooring has soared in popularity. Epoxy flooring can transform your garage and boost your home’s value by up to […]

Commercial Epoxy Floors – Miami

A lot of thought and effort goes into the design of a grocery store. Designers consider everything from the target audience to aisle construction when establishing new groceries and retail food facilities. The flooring is easily overlooked but can be one of the more important considerations. When your grocery looks inviting, more customers will be […]

5 Reasons Epoxy Flooring Is Effective For Restaurants In Miami

Restaurants have more options than ever when it comes to choosing the right flooring. Each flooring type offers benefits and drawbacks, but epoxy continues to be a front-runner when it comes to flooring that is strong, durable, and budget-friendly, especially in restaurants, which have distinct needs. Commercial kitchens are tough environments with frequent exposure to […]

Blackrock Industrial offers flooring which satisfies sanitary regulations required by health departments.

Public safety is protected by many government bodies, including the USDA and various state and local health departments. Regulations cover many aspects of a business, from inspecting products to ensure they are safe to mandating allowable materials in production and serving environments. These rules, guidelines, and laws can be complex and multi-factored but help prevent […]

Blackrock Industrial offer slip-resistance and easy to maintain flooring solutions for retail shops

Few aspects of your retail shop face as tough a challenge as your floors do. From grocery stores and flower shops to boutiques and bodegas, retail shops all have certain common needs when it comes to flooring. You need a strong, durable, easy-to-maintain floor that can stand up to anything you and your customers throw […]