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Why epoxy flooring is the best solution for healthcare facilities

Few things are as essential in a healthcare facility as sanitation. Medical facilities must be able to maintain clean, dry, and sterile environments. Epoxy flooring makes this job much simpler. Epoxy flooring is a seamless, durable, and aesthetic flooring solution that works well in just about any environment. However, it is especially suited to medical […]

Epoxy Flooring- affordable, durable, elegant

Epoxy flooring is one of the most popular industrial flooring options, and with good reason. Made by combining resin and hardeners, epoxy can be applied directly over concrete or another flooring, such as tile, VCT, or other commercial or industrial-grade materials. The result is a strong, durable surface that not only looks fantastic but goes […]

How to Maintain Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors are a high-performance seamless flooring solution that is designed to resist stains, moisture, microbes, stains, and everyday wear and tear. It is an ideal solution for just about any environment. At Blackrock Industrial, our epoxy floor contractor installs high-quality 100% solids VOC-compliant epoxy flooring with a wide range of finishes to meet your […]

The Limitless Possibilities of Concrete Flooring

Imagine a flooring material that was strong, durable, and versatile that could be used in just about any environment and in any conditions. A floor that had almost limitless design options and the ability to transform a space with light and beauty. Imagine a floor that could do all this while remaining environmentally friendly and […]

Premier Epoxy Flooring in South Florida

Epoxy flooring is a system that is applied directly to the underlying floor to seal and protect it. Unlike paint, which simply adds color, epoxy is a durable, high-quality coating that bonds securely to the underlayer. It will not chip or peel, and it is virtually impervious to damage from chemicals, moisture, and impacts. Because […]

How to Choose the Right Industrial Flooring Contractor

Industrial environments have specific needs, and safety is often the highest priority. Your industrial flooring should offer maximum resistance to slips, moisture intrusion, abrasion, UV damage, and other common industrial-related issues. Furthermore, you will likely want a flooring material that is cost-effective and easy to maintain. There are many different options when it comes to […]

The Warehouse Flooring Solution You’ve Been Wanting

Warehouses just might be the epitome of high-traffic areas. They see not just heavy foot traffic but also equipment, and there are heavy loads and pallets stored, shifted, and moved around in them frequently. The use and abuse they see can quickly erode ordinary flooring materials, which is why warehouse owners, operators, and managers opt […]

Industrial Flooring Solutions in Miami

Blackrock Industrial concrete flooring contractor offers a variety of industrial flooring options. We use only the highest-quality materials crafted by the most reputable manufacturers in the world, and each product meets the strict specifications for commercial and industrial applications. Whether you are considering replacing, restoring, or upgrading the floors in your industrial facility, you likely […]

Flooring that Meets Medical Facilities Standards

The healthcare industry faces specific challenges when it comes to choosing flooring materials. Each area in the facility has specific needs that must be met while still maintaining the most stringent hygiene standards. When determining the best flooring for each area, you will need to consider not just comfort and safety but also durability, point […]

How to Choose the Right Flooring for High-Traffic Commercial Areas

Commercial facilities have special considerations when it comes to their flooring needs but especially when it comes to high-traffic areas. At Blackrock Industrial flooring contractor in Miami, we can help you understand the differences in flooring materials and the pros and cons of each one for your space regardless of the amount of traffic you […]

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