Epoxy Garage – Miami

Traditionally, garage floors have been simple concrete floors. Occasionally polished for added durability, simple concrete floors served their purpose with little fuss. Today, homeowners want more from their garages and flooring, which is why epoxy garage flooring has soared in popularity. Epoxy flooring can transform your garage and boost your home’s value by up to $8 per square foot. Here’s what you need to know.

The Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coatings

Long used in commercial and industrial flooring applications, epoxy is strong and durable, capable of withstanding heavy foot and vehicle traffic without showing wear and tear. It resists water and chemical damage, and it can be completely customized according to your needs. Finally, it requires little maintenance to look great year after year. Simply sweep and dust mop to remove dirt and debris as needed with occasional damp mopping to remove grime.

Versatile Designs

Heavy-duty epoxy is a great choice for retail flooring, warehouses, and more, but it can also work equally well in your garage. One of the more versatile flooring options, it is available in numerous colors and patterns. Choose from basic stains and dyes to vivid metallics and intricate patterns for an eye-catching one-of-a-kind look for your garage floors.

Blackrock Industrial doesn’t just offer stunning colors but also brilliant textures. We can incorporate designs and patterns to mimic stone or pigments and flakes to create a surface that resembles marble, glass, or even water. Your imagination really is the limit here, and you can create a garage floor that fits with the general style of your home or something entirely different. The choice is up to you!

Strength and Durability

Professionally installed floor coatings can last decades with good care. It can withstand heavy daily use even when driving and parking on it. However, it can also withstand the elements, resisting damage from rain and snow as well as oil, road salt, and other chemicals associated with vehicles.

The surface is resistant to damage from impacts and erosion. Dropped tools, rolling vehicles, skids, and more will not affect your epoxy flooring. Dirt is easy to sweep or wipe away, and the smooth, seamless surface is impossible for mold and mildew to penetrate so there’s no risk of moisture damage.

The Financial Benefits

Epoxy is cost-effective. You can quickly, easily, and affordably upgrade your garage flooring while increasing your home’s overall value. The floor coating can last 25 years or more with good care, and both maintenance and repair costs are minimal. In other words, epoxy can more than pay for itself over time, and it’s an eco-friendly choice, emitting no toxic fumes or volatile organic compounds and requiring no harsh chemicals for cleaning.

If it’s time to upgrade your garage flooring, we can offer you a great alternative to conventional concrete. At Blackrock Industrial, we’ll help you customize your flooring solution to meet your needs. Contact our offices today to learn more about how Epoxy Garage – Miami can boost your property value while enhancing the safety and beauty of your home.