Moisture issues in modern-day constructs are hidden predators that can wreak havoc on your facility. Moisture damages the sound construction of a structure and causes finishes to be compromised, leading to unnecessary maintenance periods and facility downtime.

Moisture penetration through concrete slabs can cause severe problems for subsequent resilient flooring systems. High concentrations of moisture and alkalinity can lead to the deterioration of flooring adhesives and delamination of coatings by osmotic action. Even with relatively low moisture vapor emissions (MVER), elevated alkalinity can compromise the toughest flooring system adhesives. To avoid this, concrete slabs should be sealed with a material that will tightly bond to the concrete under these adverse conditions.

Blackrock Industrial is a certified Moisture Vapor Mitigation expert by some of the industry’s leading manufacturers and can provide your facility with the moisture defense it needs in order to preserve the integrity of your flooring finishes.

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