Terrazzo Today Miami

Terrazzo might just be one of the oldest flooring systems in the world. First used in what is now known as Turkey, terrazzo has been used for thousands of years, predating human recorded history. Ancient terrazzo floors have been unearthed in both Pompeii and Herculaneum, and mosaic artists in Venice refined the technique using leftover marble chips to craft ornate terraces around their homes.

These 15th-century artisans worked to develop several techniques to perfect their terrazzo, perfecting the smoothing process and adding goat milk to deepen the colors and add sheen to the surface. A few centuries later, New York designers brought the magic of terrazzo to the United States and hired renowned terrazzo artisans to ensure the best results. As the 20th century dawned, so did many more enhancements to the terrazzo flooring industry. Adding electric grinders to the process, flooring installers were able to complete these floors faster and more affordably while ensuring a fine finish. As epoxy was added to seal the terrazzo, these floors became even more versatile and durable.

Terrazzo Today

Today, the process of installing terrazzo looks much different than it did millennia ago, but the finished product is just as visually stunning. At Blackrock Industrial, we can use a special blend of marble, quartz, granite, mother-of-pearl, recycled glass, porcelain chips, and mirror chips mixed with epoxy to create a beautiful new floor for your space. The design possibilities are endless, and the results are timeless.

The Benefits of Terrazzo

Apart from its undeniable beauty, terrazzo offers many benefits. It’s environmentally friendly, durable, and easy to maintain. With a naturally antimicrobial and moisture-resistant finish, terrazzo floors can help keep your space cleaner and healthier.

Terrazzo is also a naturally eco-friendly material, it’s made using a variety of recycled or repurposed materials and can last a lifetime with proper care. Modern terrazzo is affordable and accessible, unlike its ancient precursors, and you can use it to make hundreds of designs and patterns. With a quick-curing epoxy finish, terrazzo can be used as soon as the next day in many cases.

These easy-to-maintain floors should be swept regularly and damp mopped periodically to remove grit and grime. You don’t need to add wax or polish or use specific cleansers or materials. However, you may need to occasionally reseal the floor to keep it looking first-day fresh or to provide additional protection.

If you’re in the Miami area and want more information about transforming your floors with terrazzo, give Blackrock Industrial a call today and schedule your appointment with our team!