Effects of Humidity on Concrete in Miami

Miami is known for its warm, sunny climate with a relative humidity level of around 75%. While the heat can be appealing for all those beachy activities, the humidity can be more problematic. Not only can high humidity levels feel uncomfortable, but they can also affect your concrete surfaces. Here’s what you need to know to protect your investments.

The Effects of Humidity on Concrete Floors

Concrete is commonly used in many modern building applications, most notably in flooring. Although water is one of the essential ingredients in concrete, too much water can affect how it sets and how it functions after setting. The concrete continues to interact with its environment after the slab cures, and excessive moisture, or moisture rising from below the slab, can wreak havoc.

Moisture can affect concrete in several ways. One of the most obvious occurs during “sweating slab syndrome,” which is when moisture accumulates like condensation on the surface of the slab. This can result in a risk of slips and falls, but it can also damage any equipment or property on the slab as well as the concrete itself.

Relative humidity levels can also alter the typical pH in concrete, which can compromise the integrity of both the concrete and any sealants that have been applied. High humidity levels can affect the compressive strength of concrete, weakening it and reducing overall durability. Finally, moisture is often associated with the growth of mold, mildew, and pathogens. This can affect the strength of the concrete and the health of the building’s occupants while making it harder to clean and maintain the surfaces.

Controlling Humidity

At Blackrock Industrial, we take steps to control moisture levels within the concrete to reduce the risk of moisture-related problems. Moisture is most likely to accumulate and cause problems when air is unable to circulate and in areas without climate control. By identifying potential issues before installing the floor, we can prevent them entirely. This can mean correcting humidity levels, adjusting temperatures, and installing vapor barriers that prevent moisture from entering the slab. We can also seal the concrete using epoxy coatings, which add protection and durability to your flooring.

We’re a leading epoxy floor contractor offering comprehensive concrete flooring solutions throughout South Florida, including Miami, Naples, and Fort Lauderdale. Whether you need concrete resurfacing and polishing or epoxy and terrazzo finishes, we can help. Give us a call to find out more or to schedule your appointment with our team.