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5 Reasons Epoxy Flooring Is Effective For Restaurants In Miami

Restaurants have more options than ever when it comes to choosing the right flooring. Each flooring type offers benefits and drawbacks, but epoxy continues to be a front-runner when it comes to flooring that is strong, durable, and budget-friendly, especially in restaurants, which have distinct needs. Commercial kitchens are tough environments with frequent exposure to […]

Benefits of Epoxy Floors for Food & Beverage Facilities

Every industry has its own concerns and needs when it comes to flooring, which can significantly affect the function of a space. In the food and beverage industry, the flooring you choose can make a big difference to safety, productivity, and even profits. Ensuring that you have the best possible flooring for your space can […]

4 Concrete Flooring Services You Should Know About

Flooring trends come and go, but some floors are perennially popular. Concrete is a sustainable, durable material that can be finished to suit virtually any environment. The beauty and versatility of concrete have made it a favorite with architects, designers, and businesses and homeowners who want lasting solutions. At Blackrock Industrial, we are proud to […]

3 Great Reasons to Choose Epoxy Flooring for Your Grocery Store

Supermarket and grocery store flooring need to stand up to some of the most intense conditions any floors can see. These floors get serious foot traffic, and the risk of spills and slip-and-fall hazards is high. If you want your floor to be safe, easy to maintain, durable and attractive, epoxy flooring is the best […]

Remodeling Your F&B Establishment? Here’s What You Should Know About Flooring

Few floors see the kind of traffic that commercial kitchens do. Commercial kitchen flooring has to stand up under some pretty harsh conditions while remaining water- and stain-resistant, comfortable and easy on its users. It must be sanitary and easy to clean, and if it is visible to the public, it needs to be attractive, […]

5 Reasons Why Restaurants Are Choosing Seamless Floors over Tile and Stone

Most people have experienced the minor inconvenience of going out to eat with friends and loved ones and being seated at a table that wobbled back and forth. Tables shake, drinks spill and everyone’s OCD starts to kick in as they wish the table would just stop wobbling. Wait for the waiter to pass by. […]