At Blackrock Industrial, we understand that your plant or factory needs flooring solutions that can withstand the daily abuse of heavy traffic and equipment, as well as constant chemical and acid exposure. Our seamless epoxy flooring solutions satisfy all your requirements so that you can focus on keeping your production lines running. We offer quick-curing floor solutions that are chemical resistant, acid resistant, moisture resistant, and anti-microbial.

The goal of production facilities and manufacturing plants is to operate at maximum efficiency. A slowdown for any reason, especially due to flooring, is an unacceptable hinderance in the daily operation of any facility. Damaged, cracked, slippery or otherwise unsafe concrete flooring is a danger to employees and hinders production. This is why specialized epoxy and urethane flooring systems are the ideal option for these arenas.

Plant managers expect their floors to provide consistent industrial flooring durability and performance. The only flooring solutions that meet every technical requirement for manufacturing plants and facilities are those provided by epoxy, urethane and concrete flooring systems. Our seamless flooring solutions can be designed specifically for your space with a vast array of components and product options.

Epoxy flooring systems are perfect for food processing plants, heavy equipment manufacturing facilities, aerospace manufacturing facilities, packaging centers, warehouses, traffic aisles, battery storage spaces, maintenance shops, and loading docks. These seamless flooring systems help increase the lighting of workspaces, protect structural integrity of the concrete slab, and offer impact protection from heavy loads.

Give us a call or schedule a site visit with one of our installation specialists to discover how effective our epoxy and urethane flooring systems can be for your facility.

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