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Epoxy or Terrazzo floor systems safe for pharmaceutical facilities in The Tri-State area

Products and materials used in the pharmaceutical industry are held to the most stringent standards. The products the industry works with need to be effective and safe, which means that the flooring used in the facility must be safe and effective. At Blackrock Industrial, we use epoxy and terrazzo flooring systems for pharmaceutical facilities in […]

Blackrock Industrial offers flooring which satisfies sanitary regulations required by health departments.

Public safety is protected by many government bodies, including the USDA and various state and local health departments. Regulations cover many aspects of a business, from inspecting products to ensure they are safe to mandating allowable materials in production and serving environments. These rules, guidelines, and laws can be complex and multi-factored but help prevent […]

Flooring that Meets Medical Facilities Standards

The healthcare industry faces specific challenges when it comes to choosing flooring materials. Each area in the facility has specific needs that must be met while still maintaining the most stringent hygiene standards. When determining the best flooring for each area, you will need to consider not just comfort and safety but also durability, point […]

The Best Option For Your Pharmaceutical Facility Flooring

From the lab and development to production and packaging, pharmaceutical flooring is subject to some pretty intense wear and tear. It needs to stay clean and operational while meeting and maintaining the most rigorous safety standards. The flooring might not see as much attention as other aspects of pharmaceutical facilities, but it plays an important […]

Healthcare Facilities | Investing for the Long Term in Seamless Flooring

There are very few industries as dependent on long-lasting, clean and reliable flooring as the healthcare and medical industries. These facilities that care for us when we are injured or sick operate 24/7 and cannot afford any downtime. Flooring systems for these spaces must be designed, formulated and installed properly to ensure all demands of […]