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Benefits of Choosing Epoxy for Your Garage Flooring

For many homeowners, the garage is a functional addition to the home but likely occupies little mental space when it comes to aesthetics. Many garages are strictly utilitarian, with unfinished walls and bare concrete floors. Those floors are often battle-scarred with nicks, chips, stains, and cracks. They may even be unsightly. Epoxy might just be […]

What Is Epoxy Flooring?

Few places see as much foot traffic as grocery stores. Groceries welcome numerous shoppers every day, and they need flooring that can withstand that many visitors. The flooring must also be capable of withstanding direct impacts from dropped items, spills and messes of all kinds, and light machinery traffic without losing its function or its […]

What Is Self-Leveling Concrete?

Concrete flooring has soared in popularity in recent years. It installs quickly to create a smooth, flat, durable floor over just about any surface. If you are ready to renovate your floors and have concerns about the evenness of the underlying floor, self-leveling concrete might be a good option for you. What Is Self-Leveling Concrete? […]

The Advantages of Metallic Epoxy Floors

Your floor is one of the first things people notice upon entering your space. Whether you’re looking for new flooring for a restaurant, retail shop, clinic, or residence, metallic epoxy flooring might just be the ideal solution. Metallic epoxy offers a clean, smooth, protective surface over old, worn concrete flooring. At Blackrock Industrial, we can […]

Maintaining Commercial Floors in Miami: Tips for the Tropical Climate

Hot, humid climates can put floors through their paces. At Blackrock Industrial, we specialize in creating durable industrial floors that can withstand anything our Miami weather brings. Concrete flooring can be vulnerable to various weather conditions, including heat and humidity. We’ve got the know-how to manage the variables and install a floor that’s capable of […]

Industrial Flooring Compliance in NYC

New York City is home to hundreds of warehouses and industrial spaces, and the state has more than 9,000 industrial facilities. These tend to be busy commercial spaces with heavy equipment, light carts, and plenty of foot traffic, and they often experience harsh environmental conditions. They need floors that can stand up to just about […]

High-Traffic Flooring Solutions for New York

Maintaining commercial spaces brings many challenges, but not every flooring material is up to those challenges. Choosing a floor that can stand up to high foot traffic, equipment traffic, and heavy loads without suffering noticeable wear and tear can keep your warehouse at its best. Blackrock Industrial uses durable concrete and versatile epoxy in warehouses […]

Understanding your needs

When it comes to warehouse flooring, not every material is equally functional or beneficial. At Blackrock Industrial, we consider every possible factor, from unique facility requirements to site location and design needs. We work closely with clients to create attractive, effective flooring solutions that minimize downtime, maximize results, and meet budgetary needs. Here’s what you […]

Miami’s Flooring Trends in 2024

Miami has a style of its own. Everything from our architecture to color schemes reflects the unique way we express our tastes with vibrant colors, lively lines, and breezy spaces. We’ve combined elements gleaned from the Mediterranean, added an Art Deco flair, and drenched it all in vivid color underlaid with warm, earthy hues. Our […]

Noise Control in the Concrete Jungle

In a city of nearly 8.5 million people, noise is inevitable. The constant buzz of traffic, construction, and people simply going about their daily lives creates a vibrant, exciting atmosphere that can lead to noise pollution. NYC has implemented various laws and regulations designed to minimize noise when possible. For example, residents must cover 80% […]

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