Commercial Epoxy Floors – Miami

A lot of thought and effort goes into the design of a grocery store. Designers consider everything from the target audience to aisle construction when establishing new groceries and retail food facilities. The flooring is easily overlooked but can be one of the more important considerations. When your grocery looks inviting, more customers will be interested. That means not only a well-designed layout and appealing color scheme but also attractive, durable, hygienic floors. Epoxy makes it easy to have it all.

Durable Floors for Busy Stores

Epoxy is a popular flooring material for retail spaces and in the food and beverage industry, and one of the reasons for that is its incredible durability. Whether your grocery is located in a major metropolitan area or is a small corner shop, its floor needs to be strong enough to withstand the kind of traffic a grocery is likely to see. Foot traffic is only a part of the equation: Wheeled carts, flatbed carts, spills, scuffs, and more will put your floor to the test. With many conventional floors, you will start to see worn paths, stains, and damage in the aisle as time passes.

Epoxy floor systems will protect the underlying floor from such damage. The customized system can include antimicrobial features, skid-resistant additives, and more to ensure your floors will stand up to any rigors your clientele can put them through. It bonds securely with the concrete floor and adds a layer of protection to reduce the risk of damage from impacts, thermal shock, spills, and wear and tear.

Versatile Customization Options

Epoxy floors are easy to customize. With them, you can use color, striping, and other features to delineate specific areas throughout the store. You can use colors and patterns to encourage customers to take a specific route through the aisles, indicate the conventional checkouts and self-checkout areas, and delineate spaces for special offers, cart storage, and more.

As previously mentioned, we can also incorporate antimicrobial features, ensuring your floor is as sanitary as possible. The natural slip-resistance of epoxy can be further improved with additives, too, ensuring that regardless of whether a bag of flour is dropped or a bottle of cooking oil is shattered, your customers will be safe and secure.

Blackrock Industrial’s Grocery Flooring

At Blackrock Industrial, we offer durable, sanitary epoxy floors for grocery stores. Our epoxy flooring systems are designed with safety in mind, and they resist water, stains, and damage. Cleanup is a breeze, and you’ll simply need to sweep and dust mop daily with periodic deeper cleans as needed. With care, epoxy floors can last decades. Call our offices today to find out more about grocery flooring options or to schedule an appointment with our team.