What Is Self-Leveling Concrete?

Concrete flooring has soared in popularity in recent years. It installs quickly to create a smooth, flat, durable floor over just about any surface. If you are ready to renovate your floors and have concerns about the evenness of the underlying floor, self-leveling concrete might be a good option for you.

What Is Self-Leveling Concrete?

Concrete is a blend of cement, water, and aggregate. Self-leveling concrete is a type of concrete that is modified by polymers to make it highly viscous. When poured, it acts as a thick liquid that spreads easily and evenly to create a flat, smooth surface. At Blackrock Industrial, we can use self-leveling concrete to flatten concrete, tile, and plywood flooring or to create a flawlessly smooth surface before laying epoxy flooring, wood floors, vinyl, or tile.

The Advantages of Self-Leveling Concrete

  • An exceptionally smooth, strong surface: Self-leveling concrete is an excellent option as a flooring material and also works well as an underlay for other flooring.
  • Fast and easy to install: Self-leveling concrete requires no complicated procedures and installs quickly compared to many other flooring types.
  • Much stronger than typical concrete: Self-leveling concrete has superior strength, making it a great option for not just leveling but also reinforcing structures.
  • Clean and hygienic: Self-leveling concrete is more resilient in wet conditions and unlikely to contribute to mold growth compared to regular concrete. It’s hypoallergenic and easy to clean, requiring only sweeping and periodic damp mopping.
  • Cost-effective: Our self-leveling concrete installations are affordable and reliable, and with good care, they can last years before needing repair or replacement.

What to Know About Self-Leveling Concrete

Few materials are as rugged, durable, and cost-effective as self-leveling concrete. It makes leveling uneven floors a breeze whether you are using the concrete as an underlay or as your preferred flooring material. Once it’s cured, we can finish it however you prefer using epoxy, metallic epoxy, terrazzo, polishing, or another flooring system. We can even polish it for a brilliant shine.

At Blackrock Industrial, we offer some of the most affordable self-leveling concrete services in the New York and tri-state areas. We use high-tech equipment to level any size slab and install smooth, even self-leveling concrete to provide your space with the flat surfaces needed for other installations. Our team offers stains, stamping, and more to create visually interesting flooring surfaces that stand alone and require no additional finishing. We also offer comprehensive epoxy flooring solutions, urethane floor coatings, terrazzo, and polished concrete services. Our team is happy to help you explore your options and find the concrete flooring choice that’s best for your needs and goals. Call us today to learn more about self-leveling concrete or to schedule a consultation with an installation specialist.