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Effects of Humidity on Concrete in Miami

Miami is known for its warm, sunny climate with a relative humidity level of around 75%. While the heat can be appealing for all those beachy activities, the humidity can be more problematic. Not only can high humidity levels feel uncomfortable, but they can also affect your concrete surfaces. Here’s what you need to know […]

The Dangers Cold Weather Poses to Concrete

Repeated freezing and thawing cycles can trigger cracks and damage deep within the concrete slab. When ice or snow melts, the resulting moisture can seep into the gaps in your driveway or patio. As the water refreezes, it expands and can shift the concrete, triggering cracks and other serious damage. Snowplows can also trigger damage. […]

Advantages of Self-Leveling Concrete Floors – New York

Uneven or worn concrete floors can detract from the look of your business and may even put people at risk of injury and equipment at risk of damage. You don’t necessarily need to replace the concrete: Self-leveling concrete can repair worn, sunken, cracked, or uneven concrete flooring. It’s an excellent option for restoring and renewing […]

Top 3 Concrete Finishing Options To Elevate Your Floors’ Design

Concrete finishing is especially popular because it is beautiful and its strength is unmatched.  Concrete is a versatile, durable building material that is used in numerous applications for both residential and commercial facilities.  Its appearance can be altered and modified using an almost limitless array of techniques and finishes. Keep reading to learn about three […]

Polished Concrete Flooring Process

Many people think of subflooring when they think of concrete, but it is becoming more popular as a stand-alone flooring material, much like carpet or tile. According to one report, concrete flooring is installed in one out of five new builds every year. Modern concrete is not just durable. It is also sleek and chic, […]

The Limitless Possibilities of Concrete Flooring

Imagine a flooring material that was strong, durable, and versatile that could be used in just about any environment and in any conditions. A floor that had almost limitless design options and the ability to transform a space with light and beauty. Imagine a floor that could do all this while remaining environmentally friendly and […]

How to Choose the Right Industrial Flooring Contractor

Industrial environments have specific needs, and safety is often the highest priority. Your industrial flooring should offer maximum resistance to slips, moisture intrusion, abrasion, UV damage, and other common industrial-related issues. Furthermore, you will likely want a flooring material that is cost-effective and easy to maintain. There are many different options when it comes to […]

Top Five Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

Your concrete floors set the tone for the rest of your space. The right color, texture, and overall look of flooring can transform a space from dark and dull to bright and airy. Whether you are restoring, updating, or replacing your flooring, polished concrete flooring is a perennially popular choice that offers a clean, modern […]

The Warehouse Flooring Solution You’ve Been Wanting

Warehouses just might be the epitome of high-traffic areas. They see not just heavy foot traffic but also equipment, and there are heavy loads and pallets stored, shifted, and moved around in them frequently. The use and abuse they see can quickly erode ordinary flooring materials, which is why warehouse owners, operators, and managers opt […]

Industrial Flooring Solutions in Miami

Blackrock Industrial concrete flooring contractor offers a variety of industrial flooring options. We use only the highest-quality materials crafted by the most reputable manufacturers in the world, and each product meets the strict specifications for commercial and industrial applications. Whether you are considering replacing, restoring, or upgrading the floors in your industrial facility, you likely […]

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