What Is Epoxy Flooring?

Few places see as much foot traffic as grocery stores. Groceries welcome numerous shoppers every day, and they need flooring that can withstand that many visitors. The flooring must also be capable of withstanding direct impacts from dropped items, spills and messes of all kinds, and light machinery traffic without losing its function or its appeal. At Blackrock Industrial, we recommend commercial epoxy floors.

What Is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring is a resinous flooring system that is commonly laid over concrete substrates but can be used over a variety of surfaces. It typically comprises multiple layers of resin into which pigments, dyes, and other additives can be incorporated to create a range of colors and effects. Epoxy can even feature various additives to improve certain aspects of the flooring, such as slip resistance or antimicrobial finishes. It’s especially popular in high-traffic areas that tend to be hard on flooring, such as showrooms, commercial kitchens, and groceries.

The Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

  • Adaptable and appropriate in both hot and cold environments as well as wet and dry spaces
  • Designed for heavy traffic, including pallet jacks, forklifts, shopping carts, and more
  • Easy to clean and maintain with routine dust mopping, sweeping, or steam cleaning
  • Slip-resistant with an attractive finish that can protect users from slips and falls
  • Stain-resistant and unlikely to be discolored, stained, or damaged by dropped jars, spilled liquids, and other messes
  • Durable and able to stand up to the heaviest daily foot traffic and light cart or equipment traffic without fading, peeling, cracking, or splitting
  • Attractive with a bright, glossy finish that reflects the light
  • USDA-compliant
  • Safe and natural antimicrobial with the option to incorporate additional antimicrobial elements
  • Versatile with a veritable rainbow of options for colors, designs, metallic flake, and various aggregates to delineate workspaces and traffic flow or create a fully customized look throughout your store

Maintaining Epoxy Floors

Few floors are as easy to maintain as epoxy flooring. You will not have to use pricey specialty products or complex cleaning regimens, reducing the overall costs and workload involved in keeping groceries clean.

For the best results, sweep the floor daily to remove dust, debris, and grit that could damage the floor. Spills and other messes can be spot-cleaned as needed, and chemicals should be wiped up as soon as possible. If the floor becomes heavily soiled, you can steam clean it or use a diluted ammonia cleaner with hot water to remove all stains and leave your floor sparkling clean.

If you’re ready to learn more about industrial flooring options or epoxy flooring systems for groceries, we can help. We specialize in installing high-performance flooring systems in tough environments. We can help you find the best system for your needs. Contact us today to find out more or to schedule a consultation.