5 Reasons Epoxy Flooring Is Effective For Restaurants In Miami

Restaurants have more options than ever when it comes to choosing the right flooring. Each flooring type offers benefits and drawbacks, but epoxy continues to be a front-runner when it comes to flooring that is strong, durable, and budget-friendly, especially in restaurants, which have distinct needs.

Commercial kitchens are tough environments with frequent exposure to moisture, stains, and acidic substances, and they are at risk from damage linked to impacts, cart traffic, and even thermal shock. At Blackrock Industrial, we use epoxy to transform commercial kitchens in Miami. We can give you five great reasons to choose epoxy when building, upgrading, or remodeling your restaurant.

1. Clean, safe floors

Epoxy is a naturally antimicrobial coating that is easy to clean and maintain. Its moisture-resistant qualities inhibit the growth of microorganisms such as mold and mildew with a smooth, seamless surface that eliminates hiding spots for bacteria and other pathogens. That’s essential when it comes to warm, humid places like Miami!

That same seamless finish makes epoxy easy to clean and maintain. Daily sweeps are necessary to remove dust, dirt, and other debris, and you can mop as needed using a gentle, non-abrasive solution. The moisture-resistant qualities make the floor non-slip, and we can include a variety of additives to make the floor even safer, for greater antimicrobial action and less risk of slipping.

2. Dropped objects? No worries!

How often do people drop things in your restaurant’s kitchen? Spills are common, but so are dropped pots, knives, glass, and heavy ceramic plates. A small pot accelerates as it moves toward the floor and hits with a surprising amount of force, which can damage wood, tile, and other common flooring surfaces. Epoxy is strong and will not shatter, break, or warp with impacts. It can withstand even direct impacts from sharp objects, such as shattered glass or knives. This not only means your floor is easier to maintain and use, but it’s also durable and can last for many years even in environments in which they’re subjected to a lot of abuse, like a commercial kitchen.

3. Comfortable for standing and walking

Commercial kitchens are hubs of activity with people rushing to prepare and fill orders, prep food, and clean up. They’re busy places full of busy people, and keeping those busy people comfortable will offer huge benefits not just to your staff, but also to your bottom line. Epoxy is gentle on the joints and makes it easier for your team to walk, stand, and work with comfort. We can even design your floor to stand up to light cart traffic without risking its high comfort level.

4. Cost-effective

Epoxy finishes can be a little more expensive than some types of flooring, but it can also outlast them. This makes them more cost-effective over time, with a reduced need for replacement. You can also save on maintenance costs since epoxy is unlikely to stain, conceal pathogens, or require extreme upkeep measures. In fact, you probably already have everything you need to keep your epoxy looking first-day fantastic.

5. Beautifully one-of-a-kind

While aesthetics might not be at the top of your list when you’re considering your restaurant kitchen flooring, the look of your facility matters. People make decisions about where to eat by the image a brand presents. Epoxy can support your brand and your vision with a variety of eye-catching finishes, including flake and metallic. Your flooring system can be durable, long-lasting, hygienic, and gorgeous with an elegant, refined finish.

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