Epoxy Flooring- affordable, durable, elegant

Epoxy flooring is one of the most popular industrial flooring options, and with good reason. Made by combining resin and hardeners, epoxy can be applied directly over concrete or another flooring, such as tile, VCT, or other commercial or industrial-grade materials. The result is a strong, durable surface that not only looks fantastic but goes the distance. At Blackrock Industrial, our epoxy floor contractor offers epoxy flooring in an extensive selection of colors and with numerous additives and features for non-slip, anti-microbial, or other custom features. Because it applies and cures quickly, you can get back to work quickly. Here’s what else you need to know about this popular, versatile flooring solution.

1. Epoxy is affordable.

One of the biggest benefits to epoxy for many businesses is its bottom line: the price tag. As one of the most cost-effective flooring materials that you can find today, epoxy can be applied directly over your existing floor, significantly reducing your downtime, but that’s only part of your cost savings. The second part is the low cost associated with maintenance. Epoxy requires minimal upkeep and is easy to clean, requiring only dust mopping or vacuuming and periodic mopping or steam cleaning. You will not need to strip or wax, and the finished product can last for years with no need for repairs or replacement. That means you can save on both installation costs and long-term costs.

2. Epoxy is durable.

Once the epoxy is applied and cured, it forms a tough, durable surface that can stand up to just about anything. Epoxy floors are stronger than concrete and can withstand heavy foot traffic, cart traffic, and even heavy machinery. Mechanical wear is not their only forte: Epoxy floors will also stand strong in the face of thermal shock and chemical spills. The seamless design makes them a good choice in areas prone to spills because clean-up is a breeze, and the impenetrable surface virtually eliminates the risk of stains.

3. Epoxy is elegant.

Industrial areas are not necessarily known for their elegance, but that doesn’t mean you cannot choose an attractive flooring solution. Epoxy can take even the dullest slab of concrete to the next level. Its smooth, shiny surface reflects light brilliantly, and its highly refined pigments add depth of color. Additionally, epoxy is also incredibly versatile, available in numerous solid colors, with quartz and chip aggregate, or metallic coatings to create exactly the look you want. At Blackrock Industrial, we can create exactly the look you want using seamless epoxy in any environment from gymnasiums and schools to hotel lobbies and professional kitchens.

Blackrock Industrial Epoxy Flooring

At Blackrock Industrial, our epoxy floor contractor has an epoxy solution for just about every environment and every need. We use high-performance, VOC-compliant, 100% solids epoxy that is designed to resist microbes, moisture, and chemicals. When installed by our experts, our epoxy systems can withstand everything from everyday wear and tear to the toughest industrial abuse. We offer a wide range of aesthetic finishes and designs and can help you choose the right system for your needs. Contact our team today to learn more or to schedule a site visit with our installation specialists.