Top 3 Concrete Finishing Options To Elevate Your Floors’ Design

Concrete finishing is especially popular because it is beautiful and its strength is unmatched.  Concrete is a versatile, durable building material that is used in numerous applications for both residential and commercial facilities.  Its appearance can be altered and modified using an almost limitless array of techniques and finishes. Keep reading to learn about three ways you can elevate your concrete floor designs.

1. Smooth, Self-Leveling Concrete Floor

Smooth, level concrete finished flooring is often achieved through the use of screeds and trowels. The concrete is first placed using forms, and then it is finished with a screed, which is a long tool that is pulled or pushed across the surface of the concrete to smooth and perfect the surface of the concrete. After this process, finishers use trowels to further refine and level the concrete’s surface. This may be a power trowel or a hand trowel, both of which will feature a flat steel blade to ensure the smoothest possible surface.

At Blackrock Industrial, our expert in concrete finishing Miami also offers self-leveling concrete, which is designed to flow smoothly across the surface of the floor and spread evenly. It sets up fast and creates a floor that looks silky smooth with a glass-like finish.

2. Polished Concrete

Once the concrete is cured, it can be polished. We can polish freshly laid concrete or well-aged concrete to create a bright, fresh, glossy finish reminiscent of glass or a waxed floor. There are many benefits of polished concrete, including that it creates a strong, resilient surface.

Because of the benefits of polished concrete, it is popular in warehouses, retail facilities, shops, offices, hotels, restaurants, and more because it is fast to install, easy to maintain, and resistant to damage. You can even customize it with stains and designs before polishing it to create your personalized look.

At Blackrock Industrial, our expert in concrete finishing Miami begins by cleaning and preparing your concrete floors. If this is an existing floor, any cracks or damage will be repaired and addressed before we proceed. Then, we proceed, using top-quality American diamonds to polish the concrete to your desired degree of smoothness and shine. We add hardeners during the process to strengthen and protect the concrete against water infiltration and damage and complete the process by sealing your new floor to ensure lasting shine and beauty and to protect it from stains, moisture, and damage from oil or chemicals.

3. Concrete Coatings

For some, an additional coating on top of the concrete may be desirable. Several concrete coatings are available, but two of the most popular are polyurethane and epoxy. These materials are long-lasting and durable. They are designed to bond to the underlying concrete and protect it from external contaminants and damage.

Polyurethane and epoxy floor coatings allow for a variety of customization options, too, including colors, additives, aggregate, and patterns. The right coating will help your concrete floor stand up to heavy traffic, including vehicular traffic, and will resist stains from all kinds of spills and messes. It will be versatile enough for any project and provide you with endless customization options. Installation is typically fast, and your downtime will be minimal.

At Blackrock Industrial, we have many epoxy and polyurethane floor coating options for concrete flooring and can help you choose the best one for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of polished concrete or to schedule an appointment for concrete finishing Miami.