Epoxy or Terrazzo floor systems safe for pharmaceutical facilities in The Tri-State area

Products and materials used in the pharmaceutical industry are held to the most stringent standards. The products the industry works with need to be effective and safe, which means that the flooring used in the facility must be safe and effective. At Blackrock Industrial, we use epoxy and terrazzo flooring systems for pharmaceutical facilities in New York and the Tri-State area. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing your next floor.

Clean, Safe Floors

Spills, dropped items, carts, and even foot traffic can take a toll on your flooring. In an industry where safety and sanitation are paramount, however, those messes need to be easy to manage. Epoxy and terrazzo ensure theat. The smooth, seamless surface eliminates cracks, seams, and textures that could be hiding microorganisms and other contaminants. This can prevent the public and the products with which the facility works.

Terrazzo and epoxy are also easy to clean. A simple dust mop or sweeping at least once a day will keep your floors looking new. You can use hard foam mops or power washers as needed without risking the finish of your floor. Floors are easy to sanitize, too, for the most hygienic operational environment possible.

Secure and Sanitary

The waterproof foundation will prevent the growth of mold and mildew and eliminate accumulated microorganisms and other detritus for a clean, sanitary, floor. The slip-resistant surface protects people in case of spilled or dropped items. Epoxy’s features also include moisture tolerance, chemical resistance, and resistance to heat and thermal shock, making it a great choice to install anywhere that handles products at extreme temperatures and chemical products.


Epoxy and terrazzo flooring systems are cost-effective. While the upfront cost can be a little higher than a few of the other options, the cost difference disappears over time and eventually favors epoxy and terrazzo, which can last decades. There’s minimal downtime during the installation process, which means that your facility won’t need to be shut down for long periods. Furthermore, epoxy and terrazzo floors are easy to clean, requiring no special tools or products. Finally, there’s minimal maintenance associated with epoxy and terrazzo: Once it’s been installed, you can keep it looking great and functioning at its best with good cleaning practices.

Pharmaceutical plants and facilities are regularly inspected for the safety of the general public and industry staff. These facilities must comply with “The Current Good Manufacturing Practices,” which determines the safest and most appropriate flooring for pharmaceutical facilities, and health department codes. Anti-microbial epoxy flooring could be one of the safest and most appropriate floorings for the pharmaceutical industry. Epoxy and terrazzo flooring meets health department guidelines and rules and stands up to the rigors of the industrial environment, and it is cost-effective with limited installation-related downtime and a long life. Are you ready to learn more about how epoxy flooring systems can enhance your pharmaceutical facility? Give Blackrock Industrial a call today and schedule your consultation.