Why epoxy flooring is the best solution for healthcare facilities

Few things are as essential in a healthcare facility as sanitation. Medical facilities must be able to maintain clean, dry, and sterile environments. Epoxy flooring makes this job much simpler. Epoxy flooring is a seamless, durable, and aesthetic flooring solution that works well in just about any environment. However, it is especially suited to medical and healthcare facilities thanks to epoxy’s unique features. Here is what you need to know about using epoxy hospital flooring in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

1. Epoxy flooring is safe and seamless.

Firstly, epoxy is a seamless flooring solution that can support the most stringent hygiene standards. This is critical in a healthcare setting, where spills and messes involving medications, chemicals, cleaning fluids, and other liquids are likely to occur. Epoxy is nonporous and resists moisture and chemical damage. Not only is epoxy water-repellent, but our flooring contractor in Miami can incorporate antimicrobial coatings to keep germs and bacteria at bay. This makes it easier to keep facilities clean and hygienic for patients, staff, and visitors. Its stain-resistant characteristics will even resist staining from chemicals such as betadine, which means you can use it anywhere in a medical facility.

2. Epoxy flooring is strong and durable.

Equipment carts, medical equipment, and dropped instruments can all take a heavy toll on flooring. However, epoxy can withstand both heavy machinery and heavy foot traffic. It has a strong puncture-resistant finish that protects not only the floor but also those using the floor. Less risk of damage means no cracks, punctures, or flawed areas for pathogens to penetrate.

3. Epoxy is low-maintenance.

While no flooring is maintenance-free, epoxy is surprisingly easy to maintain. It is easy to clean, requiring only routine sweeping or vacuuming and mopping. There is no need to strip or wax epoxy: It retains its natural shine month after month and year after year. If foot or vehicle traffic has reduced the shine of your hospital flooring, you can bring it back easily with steam cleaning or mopping.

Wet epoxy floors might look glossy and slippery, but epoxy is naturally slip-resistant. In areas prone to spills and water, such as outdoor walkways or kitchen areas, additional anti-slip features can be incorporated into the finish for safety.

Epoxy floors are among the most durable and toughest flooring solutions available today. They can be applied over concrete or other flooring materials to strengthen them against daily wear and tear. They can also add visual appeal and improve lighting through their high-gloss shine. Prep time and installation are minimal, and your facilities will be ready to use again faster than you imagined. Epoxy is an excellent cost-effective solution, too, thanks to its low-maintenance, high-safety record. Contact Blackrock Industrial today to learn more about how epoxy can transform your facility or schedule a site visit with our flooring contractor in Miami.