The Warehouse Flooring Solution You’ve Been Wanting

Warehouses just might be the epitome of high-traffic areas. They see not just heavy foot traffic but also equipment, and there are heavy loads and pallets stored, shifted, and moved around in them frequently. The use and abuse they see can quickly erode ordinary flooring materials, which is why warehouse owners, operators, and managers opt for high-performance flooring in their spaces. For the best results, warehouse flooring must be safe and comfortable for employees, secure for products and equipment, and presentable for clients and customers. Blackrock Industrial offers a variety of high-quality warehouse flooring solutions that can transform your warehouse and ensure maximum functionality in all conditions and environments.

The Best Warehouse Flooring Solutions

Concrete Floors

The perennial classic, concrete flooring has long been popular for industrial uses, garages, and warehouses. Perhaps its biggest draws are its strength and durability. Concrete is strong and resilient, resisting chipping, scratching, scuffing, and other wear from normal daily use even under warehouse conditions. Typical maintenance needs revolve around sweeping and dust mopping and cleaning up spills as they occur. Finally, concrete is a remarkably green choice, designed to last without requiring extensive preparation or waste, making it a great option for both new builds or remodeling.

Industrial warehouse concrete flooring is built to last with an incredibly long lifespan. At Blackrock Industrial, we can customize your concrete flooring, taking it beyond the dull gray concrete of yesteryear with vibrantly colored stains, eye-popping designs, and brilliant aggregates. Whether you want a beautifully decorative look reminiscent of terrazzo or tile or would prefer a simpler, more utilitarian design, we can make it happen. We can even polish your concrete to create a highly resilient, durable surface that can withstand almost anything you throw at it.

Epoxy Floors

While concrete floors are durable and resilient, it may not be the right choice for all environments. Epoxy offers an alternative. High-performance epoxy floors resist not just everyday wear-and-tear but also chemical spills, moisture damage, stains, and microbes. Applying a seamless epoxy finish to your floor can add not just a more aesthetic finish to your floor but also provides a more durable, long-lasting coating that protects the underlying flooring.

Epoxy floors are robust and designed to withstand the heaviest use, including both foot and machine traffic. Much like concrete, they require no special maintenance beyond normal sweeping and dust mopping. You will not need to incorporate special procedures or time-intensive upkeep, and thanks to the seamless, water-tight construction of epoxy flooring, the risk of stains and moisture damage is virtually eliminated. Epoxy can be applied over new and existing floors, including concrete flooring, and can incorporate a variety of finishes to enhance the look and function of your flooring.

Are you looking for epoxy flooring in Miami? At Blackrock Industrial, we offer both epoxy and concrete floors to finish, restore, and protect your warehouse. Blackrock Industrial specializes in Division 3 and 9 architectural finishes, such as poured, troweled, and fluid-applied warehouse flooring systems, and we are the region’s most trusted specialty commercial and industrial concrete and epoxy flooring contractor. Contact our team today to find out more or schedule a consultation with an installation specialist.