Why Use Polished Concrete Floors in Your Retail Establishment?

The days of plain, poured gray slabs are long gone. Today’s modern polished concrete flooring is sleekly sophisticated and filled with understated drama. Its smooth modern lines make it a perennially popular choice for those with industrial or modern aesthetics while hard-wearing finish makes it a top pick for commercial establishments. Polished concrete flooring can give your retail establishment the look you want without stretching your budget.


Polished concrete’s versatile design makes it ideal for retail environments. Whether you have an existing concrete floor or are installing a new one, you have virtually endless customization options to ensure it matches your desired aesthetic.

You can choose from a wide selection of colors, thanks to stains, dyes, colored additives, and special finishes. Concrete can be further customized using a variety of application techniques, such as stamping, scoring, or aggregate additives.


Polished concrete floors are easy to maintain. Because the polishing process hardens the concrete instantly, it is extremely strong right from the start. It will resist scratches, impacts, spills, and heavy foot traffic. It will not be affected by vapor or moisture issues. Unlike carpet, it will also not absorb odors or collect dust, mold, or allergens.

For the best results, sweep or vacuum daily, especially in high traffic areas. Use clean water to mop. There is no need to wax or repolish. With the right care, your polished concrete floor can last a lifetime.


The cost-effectiveness of polished concrete flooring can help keep your project budget on-target. Plain installed concrete floors with an unfussy design just might be one of the least-expensive flooring solutions available. While stains, dyes, overlays, and custom finishes can enhance the overall look but increase the price, they are not necessary to complete the process.

Still, regardless of the type you choose, a properly poured and well-maintained concrete floor can last indefinitely. This can save you immensely on lifetime flooring costs.

What to Expect from a Polished Concrete Floor

In existing buildings, the underlying concrete slab can typically be exposed by removing the current flooring. The concrete needs to be thoroughly cleaned with all remaining flooring, adhesives, or other debris removed. If any of the concrete is damaged, it can be restored at this time. Then, the surface is polished, colored, and finished as desired. Downtime is minimal, and polishing does not need to be repeated or refreshed. It is a one-time-process.

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