Is Traffic Coating Really Necessary for Parking Garage Floors?

Concrete parking garage floors take a lot of abuse. While concrete is a strong, durable material, it can be damaged over time. Between the constant vehicle and foot traffic, weather extremes, and exposure to a variety of chemicals, concrete can become worn, eroded, or even cracked. Can a traffic coating extend the life of your concrete parking flooring?

The Purpose of Traffic Coating

In harsh climates, parking garage floors are subjected to extreme temperature changes and high moisture content. Chlorides, salt, and road debris are tracked into the garages and seep into the pores of the concrete flooring. Over time, they can reach the steel reinforcement, speeding corrosion, and destroying the supports of the structure. Hot or cold temperatures can speed the process as the deck expands and contracts.

Eventually, all parking garages will face expensive, unsightly damage with potholes, cracks, ships, spalling, and crumbling decay if you do not take preventive measures. Repairing alkali-silica reaction, or ASR, as it is called, can be difficult if not impossible.

The goal of traffic coating is to provide the concrete with a moisture barrier and protect it from chemicals that could damage it.

The Benefits of Traffic Coating Systems

Several types of traffic coatings are available today. One of the most popular is epoxy coating. Unlike the linseed oil that was used in the past to coat parking decks, epoxy coating is a versatile, durable coating that seals the pores in the concrete against moisture intrusion. Epoxy coating can not only protect the concrete from future damage but can also repair existing damage, such as minor chips and cracks.

Epoxy offers several benefits beyond its ability to protect and add durability to concrete. It is versatile and can protect the underlying surface from UV degradation. Maintenance is simple and the results are lasting. Epoxy resists moisture and chemicals and can have additives to promote slip-resistance in certain high-traffic areas. Color and designs can be incorporated to improve visibility or mark specific areas. Finally, epoxy floor coatings can dramatically improve the aesthetics of a garage floor as well as light-reflective properties.

While traffic coating systems might not necessarily be essential for all parking garages, if you want your concrete floor to last, the right coating can make a big difference. Epoxy flooring can keep your parking garage deck looking and functioning well for years to come.

Looking for a Flooring Contractor Near You?

Our traffic deck systems are designed for maximum functionality, durability, and aesthetics. We offer end-to-end installation of comprehensive parking deck solutions, including epoxy and polyurethane traffic deck coating. Our coating systems are designed to withstand heavy motor vehicle traffic and protect the underlying substrate from cracking, moisture damage, de-icing salts, road chemicals, and other fluids. They are 100 percent UV stable and are designed with safety in mind. Contact Blackrock Industrial today to find a flooring contractor near you. We can schedule a site visit with one of our installation specialists and help you learn more about traffic coating systems.