Understanding the Different Epoxy Floors Options

Are you considering epoxy floor systems for your home or business? Epoxy flooring systems are versatile and feature almost endless customization options. With epoxy, your floor can be both a workhorse and a showpiece. At Blackrock Industrial, we are flooring contractors in Miami with years of experience installing epoxy floors that are designed to perform by being VOC-compliant for safety, and seamless for easy cleaning.

Epoxy floors are known to resist stains, microbes, and moistures. They stand up to heavy foot traffic, and some can be used with machine traffic as well. If you need reliable, easy-to-maintain flooring, epoxy is a great option. Here is a breakdown of the different types of epoxy floors, you could look into:

Solid Epoxy

A classic flooring choice, solid epoxy floors can range from micro-thin at just 8 microns or measure up to ½” thick. Made of 100 percent epoxy, this flooring system is slip- and chemical-resistant which makes it a good choice for several types of high-traffic environments, including:
• Shop and car dealership floors
• Airplane hangar floors
• Warehouse floors
• Manufacturing environments
• Laboratory floors
• Retail shops and offices
Solid epoxy flooring can be applied directly for a high-gloss glass-like finish or mixed with aggregate for greater durability and heightened slip-resistance.

Epoxy Quartz

Epoxy quartz flooring systems offer beauty and durability in one incredible package. These flooring systems feature several layers of epoxy and are mixed with colored quartz aggregate for strength and resistance against abrasion indoors and out, including such areas as:
• Healthcare facilities
• Veterinary clinics
• Cafeterias and commercial kitchens
• Locker rooms
• Parking garages
• Exterior walkways
• Restrooms
• Pool decks
This versatile flooring material is a great choice for exterior surfaces because aside from being slip-resistant and chemical-resistant, it will not be affected by UV exposure.

Epoxy Chip

As with epoxy quartz, epoxy chip floors are durable, versatile flooring solutions. They are a multi-layered system consisting of:
• Epoxy
• Vinyl flakes
• Chemical resistant topcoats
• UV resistant topcoat

Epoxy chip flooring is slip-, moisture-, and chemical-resistant, easy to maintain, and ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic. The flakes recreate an attractive terrazzo-like look while the epoxy will outperform conventional vinyl composite tile systems. There is no need for constant stripping and waxing, and they can be used in a wide range of facilities, including:
• Shops and garages
• Retail showrooms
• Restaurants and groceries
• Recreational facilities
• Schools
• Healthcare facilities

Metallic epoxy

Finally, metallic epoxy is perhaps the most beautiful of the epoxy systems. Metallic epoxy systems add brilliant color and depth to any floor. They are made by blending highly refined metallic pigments into the epoxy. Metallic epoxy offers almost endless customization options to mimic other desirable flooring surfaces, including marble, stone, and granite. We can even use special techniques to recreate more fanciful looks such as clouds or water.

Metallic epoxy flooring is a great choice for:
• Restaurants
• Event centers
• Lobbies
• Entryways
• Stadium concourses
• Car dealerships
• Showrooms

They are the ideal choice anywhere you want the floor to stand out and really shine. As with other epoxy flooring systems, they are durable and resistant to damage from moisture and chemicals.

About Blackrock Industrial, Inc. Flooring Contractors in Miami

The epoxy contractors at Blackrock Industrial understand the benefits of each system and how they function in each environment. We can help you find the right flooring for your residential or commercial environment. From the planning and design stage to the installation and finishing stage, we’ve got you covered. Our epoxy contractors are certified by top flooring manufacturers and are the most trusted experts for epoxy flooring systems like these. Contact us to learn more about epoxy flooring systems or schedule a site visit today.