Why polished concrete is one of the best solutions for your commercial floors in Miami.

For the last several decades, polished concrete floors have more than demonstrated their uses and benefits. These attractive and versatile commercial floors have a sleek, modern design and a low-maintenance, hard-wearing finish. As an added benefit, polished concrete floors are fully customizable, which means that your business in Miami can choose color schemes and even designs to enhance your brand aesthetic or for simple utilitarian reasons. Here’s what you need to know about using polished concrete for your commercial floors Miami.

What is Polished Concrete?

Concrete is an aggregate made of water, sand, cement, and aggregate. The aggregate is typically harder than the cement, and the type used will affect the color and finish of the floor.

Once it is poured, it hardens or cures into a durable slab. Polishing takes this slab to the next level, and it starts with a careful process to smooth away imperfections and flatten the slab’s surface. Some of the aggregates will also be exposed during this step. The amount exposed depends on the finish you want. A “cream finish,” for example, reveals little aggregate and may expose imperfections. This finish can be dyed or stained.

A salt-and-pepper finish exposes small amounts of aggregate and has, as its name suggests, a salt-and-pepper finish. Medium aggregate exposes even more aggregate while large aggregate cuts fairly deeply and may involve concrete that incorporates a specific or custom aggregate.

Next, diamond tools are used to polish and shine the concrete, increasing the shine and beauty of the flooring.

The Benefits of Polished Concrete Flooring

Highly Durable

Polished concrete is resilient and durable and can withstand both foot and equipment traffic. It is virtually impervious to damage.


When a polished concrete floor is professionally installed and properly sealed and maintained, it can last a century or more in virtually any environment. That lifespan exceeds that of almost any other floor covering, which makes it an extremely cost-effective choice.

Easy to Maintain

Polished concrete needs only daily sweeping or dust mopping to rid it of abrasive debris. Once a week or as needed, damp mop the floor to remove scuffs, smudges, and grime.


With the addition of aggregate, colors, stains, and texture effects, polished concrete can be transformed into a thing of beauty. You can stencil it or add custom engravings. It can even be designed to simulate higher-end materials, such as marble or granite.

Clean and Sanitary

A properly polished concrete floor is extremely water resistant, and the addition of sealants can prevent all contaminants from reaching the concrete. Some coatings, such as epoxy, even have antimicrobial properties, which makes them a great choice in areas where sanitation is important, such as medical facilities or labs. These coatings can also increase slip resistance, which makes them a good choice in damp environments, such as pool decks and locker rooms.


Polished concrete is highly resilient and can be designed with special sealants to resist damage from thermal shock, impacts, and chemicals.

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