Best Flooring for Sports Venues in New York and throughout the tri-state area

Flooring surfaces in gyms and athletic venues must be strong enough to withstand some of the heaviest use that floors can experience. They also need to look great game after game. At Blackrock Industrial, we’re as passionate about football as we are flooring, and we make floors that can withstand fumbles, hard hits, and touchdowns. While sports fans have their eyes on the game, our eyes are on the venue’s flooring.

Best Flooring for Sports Venues

Whether you are looking for flooring for an arena, fitness center, gym, or playground, the type of flooring you choose can have a major effect on those who use it. The right flooring can help protect players from injury and act as a shock absorber during running, jumping, and similar activities.

We offer a variety of options depending on your specific environmental and operational requirements, including:

  1. Epoxy flooring: Epoxy can stand up to the heaviest use while repelling moisture and resisting stains. It’s naturally antimicrobial, too, making it a great choice for athletic facilities.
  2. Polyurethane-based flooring: Polyurethane-based flooring is often used in fitness centers, gyms, and multi-purpose facilities. It’s durable and resistant to damage, and it’s completely customizable with striping and other markings to better meet your needs.
  3. Rubber-based flooring: This cost-effective flooring solution is popular with everything from playgrounds to weight rooms. It’s shock-absorbent and water-resistant, and it’s easy to clean and maintain with antibacterial properties.

Deciding on the right sports flooring for your facility can depend on many factors, including:

  • Safety: As mentioned, shock absorption is a must for any flooring in an athletic facility. Joint and overuse injuries are common in many sports, which means that a multi-purpose facility or a facility for sports that involve a lot of running and jumping should have flooring designed to protect the body. Polyurethane and rubber-based flooring is especially resilient and is an excellent shock absorber.
  • Durability: Previously, flooring in gyms and arenas was designed with a specific sport or game in mind. Today, however, we incorporate many activities in single spaces. Multipurpose gyms and athletic venues are common, and they need flooring that can withstand any activity. At Blackrock Industrial, we can meet those needs with rubber floors and other options that are designed to stand up to high impacts and heavy use without showing signs of wear or age.
  • Maintenance: Whether you’re hosting daily classes or occasional meet-ups, a floor that’s easy to clean and maintain is essential. We offer a variety of seamless flooring solutions that require only sweeping and damp mopping to simplify the clean-up process, and because they’re seamless, you won’t need to worry about lurking microbes.

Need more information to make your decision? We’re here to help. Blackrock Industrial offers sports flooring in New York and throughout the tri-state area. Give us a call to schedule your appointment.