Parking Garage Traffic Coatings in South Florida

Did you know that about a third of city space is occupied by parking lots? Parking garages optimize what space there is by building vertically. This solves one issue but might bring new ones, including cracking and weakening in the concrete flooring. Parking garage traffic coating systems can help protect and preserve your parking deck and might even reduce your overall maintenance costs. At Blackrock Industrial, we offer a variety of traffic coatings in South Florida for ramps, decks, parking garages, and more.

Understanding Traffic Coatings

Although typically sheltered, a parking garage is still exposed to some pretty harsh conditions. Especially in heavily populated areas, parking is at a premium, which means that any garage is likely to have heavy vehicle and foot traffic. Hundreds of vehicles might drive in and out of a single structure daily and spend hours in a spot. The concrete flooring is subject to heavy stress as well as road salt, fuel, oil, and occasionally the elements.

Over time, constant exposure to weight and various chemicals can lead to significant damage or even failure. As the concrete degrades, cracks, chips, or potholes will appear. The lines and directional markings will fade. Maintenance and restoration costs soar, and the garage might need to shut down to restore the surface. This is not only costly for you but inconvenient for the garage’s users, and it could become dangerous over time.

Traffic coatings work to protect your floor. They are strong and durable as well as resistant to moisture and chemicals. Blackrock Industrial offers an extensive selection of floor coatings to seal your facility’s floor against chemical and physical damage. We apply the coatings to the surface of the concrete, where they create a strong bond to protect the underlying concrete and the floor’s markings.

What to Expect from Traffic Coatings

Concrete has long been used in parking structures, garages, and showrooms because it is strong, durable, and long-lasting. However, exposure to chemicals or moisture can degrade the concrete over time, leaving it vulnerable to damage and failure. To protect your concrete, we recommend adding a waterproof, chemical-resistant traffic coating.

At Blackrock Industrial, we can customize your traffic coating to your needs. We can add light-reflective particles to boost visibility, which can have the added benefit of lowering your utility costs. We can add slip-resistant features to improve traction, which keeps pedestrians safer and reduces the risk of crashes. We can even add UV protection in light-exposed areas, reducing the risk of fading or sun damage.

Our concrete traffic coating systems protect not only your garage flooring but also your investment. We install epoxy and polyurethane coatings, which can protect against external moisture, moisture intrusion, fuel and oil spills, road salt, and everyday wear and tear. Each system we install is formulated to meet the unique needs of parking facilities and garages and feature high-performance elongated membranes to prevent cracking.

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