New Year, New Flooring Projects

With the change from holidays to blustery January and February, many of us are energized by the universal desire to start the year off fresh. We clean, organize and plan for new beginnings in our home as we make it ready to take on the challenges of a new season and new year. While sometimes organizing the linen closet is all we can muster, for many the new year is a time to refresh our homes and businesses with bigger, lasting changes like new flooring.

Ring in the New Year with a Fresh New Floor

Swapping out tired or worn-out flooring for something gorgeous and durable is high on the list for many businesses. One of the most popular flooring upgrades uses epoxy to create a beautiful and durable floor in just about any area of a business. An epoxy flooring contractor can help you determine which areas will benefit the most from this stunning, durable upgrade to your floors. And since epoxy flooring is available in four different finishes, your business’s newest upgrade will create the look and feel you have always wanted with this fresh flooring option.

Types of Epoxy Flooring

Customers looking for a new flooring option often fall in love with epoxy. This versatile floor comes in four finishes: quartz, chip, solid and metallic. All finishes are seamless, resist everyday wear-and-tear, and won’t show stains or damage like other flooring products.


One of the most sought-after finishes, quartz epoxy flooring is available in hues ranging from tans to grays to even brighter red tones. Created with multiple layers of quartz epoxy along with two strong topcoat layers, the quartz finish is popular for use in traffic and walkways as well as in businesses with high-traffic areas.


This terrazzo-like finish is created with solid epoxy blended with vinyl flakes to produce a slip-resistant flooring perfect for heavy foot traffic or light vehicle traffic areas.


Epoxy flooring that is solid can either be high-gloss or, when aggregate is mixed in, have increased slip resistance. Solid epoxy flooring is available in a wide spectrum of color choices.


Highly refined pigments create the gorgeous, reflective surface of metallic epoxy. Created with only a base and top layer of epoxy underneath the strong topcoat, metallic epoxy flooring can be further customized to recreate the looks of granite, stone, marble, and even water or clouds.

Epoxy Flooring South Florida Options

If your business is ready to upgrade to durable, beautiful epoxy flooring, you will need an epoxy flooring contractor with the experience and knowledge to create the perfect surface for your business. Blackrock Industrial is a company providing dependable, quality service. The flooring professionals at Blackrock Industrial will help you determine the best epoxy solution for your business that will create a stunning floor that will look just as beautiful in many years as the day it was installed. Epoxy flooring is easy to care for with only simple, regular maintenance required to keep them looking their best. So businesses that choose to upgrade their flooring in the new year will be able to enjoy the sleek, durable finish for years to come without the upkeep and repairs that inevitably come with other kinds of flooring options.