Epoxy in Sports Facilities Floors and Surfaces

Epoxy flooring is durable, long wearing, and versatile. Often used in healthcare facilities, schools, and warehouses, or manufacturing facilities, epoxy is also a popular choice for sports facilities. Sports facilities have unique needs. They must be clean and hygienic, waterproof, safe, slip-resistant, durable, and easy to maintain. At Blackrock Industrial, our epoxy floors contractor can help you find the best flooring system for your needs.

The Benefits of Epoxy

Safe and Sanitary

Locker rooms, pools, and shower facilities tend to be damp or even wet much of the time. This can increase the risk of slips and falls and offers the ideal environment for microbial growth. Epoxy has a shiny, bright surface that looks beautifully smooth, but don’t let that light-reflective surface confuse you. Epoxy is naturally non-skid and can add grip to the floor’s surface. In particularly high-risk areas, such as shower rooms, we can include special non-slip additives to enhance the natural skid resistance of the epoxy.

Not only can epoxy add traction to a floor, but it is also sanitary. The moisture, heat, and traffic can create an environment in which bacteria and fungus can thrive. Some floor surfaces, such as tile and concrete, have textures, crevices, and cracks in which microbes lurk far from the reach of conventional disinfectants. Epoxy has a smooth, seamless surface as well as an antimicrobial mold inhibitor that permeates the surface of the floor to keep your space clean and safe.


Sporting facilities are high traffic areas. Epoxy is extraordinarily durable and can stand up to heavy foot traffic. Whether walking, jogging, or moving sports equipment across the floor, you can be confident that the epoxy can handle just about anything that you throw at it.

The nonporous surface adds an extra layer of protection. Epoxy resists staining and prevents liquids from penetrating the underlying floor. It also protects against damage from chemicals, such as disinfectants and detergent, making it a great choice for areas that need regular cleaning and disinfecting, such as bathrooms and locker rooms.

Easy to Clean

Maintenance is a top priority in any facility, but sports facilities are often subject to both heavy use and frequent cleaning. Epoxy makes it easy to clean flooring quickly and efficiently. There is no need for work-intensive, time-consuming cleaning routines. Instead, simply sweep and mop using a gentle detergent. You do not need to buff or wax, and you can easily squeegee any extra liquid down the drains.

Although epoxy floors are highly functional and durable for sports facilities, they offer one more benefit: They are attractive. We can create beautiful floors using a variety of additives. At Blackrock Industrial, we use the highest quality flooring systems, including floors that are epoxy-based, polyurethane-based, and rubber-based. We offer and install a wide range of flooring solutions and services to meet virtually every need. If you want to learn more about the benefits of epoxy flooring in sporting facilities, give us a call to schedule an appointment with our epoxy floors contractor.