Finding the Positive: 3 Benefits of Getting Your Floors Done Now

Florida’s recently issued stay-at-home order has made some big changes for a lot of us. Until at least the end of April, virtually all Florida citizens will need to limit their activities and avoid unnecessary social contact. The order affects a wide range of businesses deemed “nonessential.” While some businesses are continuing to operate or have found ways to provide services while limiting contact, such as by using delivery or curbside pickup, others are taking the opportunity to perform much-needed maintenance. While you’re staying home and staying safe, you, too, can use this time to update your business space. Blackrock Industrial can help you make it happen.

There are three fantastic reasons to use this time to your benefit.

1. Make the downtime work in your favor.

At Blackrock Industrial, we can help you turn your downtime into do-over time with our concrete floors solutions. If you are like many business owners, you find yourself putting off much-needed updates and improvements to avoid interruptions to your normal business routine. The next few weeks offer a fantastic opportunity to revamp your shop, boutique, or restaurant, redo your flooring, and renew your space.

2. Stay busy and creative.

Some businesses pivoted quickly and began to offer curbside pickup and delivery options to keep staff employed and customers happy. At Blackrock Industrial, we’re working with you and our team to ensure your needs are met. Whether you’re partially open and working around the new limitations or temporarily shut down, our team can use a variety of creative solutions to keep you busy. Our epoxy floors and concrete floors solutions install quickly with minimal downtime so that you can get right back to what you were doing.

3. Reopen with a fresh new look.

When the threat is passed, our communities will be ready to be out and about again. Welcome them into your shop with a whole new look.

We offer a wide range of completely customizable flooring solutions, including:
• Resinous flooring, such as epoxy floors, urethane flooring, urethane mortar flooring an sports flooring
• Concrete polishing, resurfacing, sealing and self-leveling
• Terrazzo flooring

A flooring makeover can completely brighten and revitalize your cafe, restaurant or bookshop.

Your Safety Is Always Our Priority!

At Blackrock Industrial, we always make your safety and wellbeing a top priority. We continue to monitor the situation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and are taking all necessary precautions for both our clients and our employees. During consultations, we work with you to ensure the utmost safety for your staff and ours. Our epoxy flooring contractor follows all recommended procedures on and off the job site.

As the most trusted commercial and industrial flooring contractor in the south and central Florida region, we are experienced in installing a variety of floors and applying both Division 3 and 9 architectural finishes. We strive for your complete satisfaction in every job we do and especially now. Whether you are staying home and safe or trying to work around new challenges, we have got you covered. Call us today to find out more or to schedule a consultation with our epoxy flooring contractor.