Benefits of Using Epoxy Flooring Across Industries

Epoxy and concrete are among the most commonly used materials in commercial and industrial flooring solutions today. Concrete is a cost-effective, hard-wearing flooring material while epoxy is a coating that can be applied directly over concrete to create a smooth, durable, high-performance surface. Blackrock Industrial specializes in specialty floor applications for industries and spaces of all sizes, and we can help you find the right flooring solution for your needs.

The Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

What’s under your feet? While you might not realize it, the flooring can make or break an environment. A reliable, hard-wearing, aesthetically appealing floor is well worth the investment and can stand the test of time. For this reason, epoxy floors are the floor of choice in food and beverage establishments, retail stores, pharmaceutical labs, and healthcare facilities around the country. Epoxy can even be found in parking garages and auto showrooms.

The benefits of epoxy flooring are what makes it so appealing to such diverse businesses. Epoxy has a durable, hard-wearing surface that can stand up to intense daily traffic. It is long-lasting and easy to maintain without the need for any special cleaning solutions or procedures. It’s easy to install, too, with no need for time-intensive layouts, special tools, or additional adhesives. Once it has been applied, the seamless surface will resist oil, water, and other fluids and stains for many years to come.

At Blackrock Industrial, we can also customize our epoxy flooring solutions with chips, flakes, metallic pigments and more to create one-of-a-kind looks, brilliant depth, and appealing patterns. We can combine epoxy with dyes and pigments to conceal superficial imperfections in the underlying concrete. If you need a safe, slip-resistant surface, we can include anti-slip additives. This is especially helpful in restaurants, industrial areas, warehouses, and other areas with high traffic or a tendency towards spills and messes. Epoxy can be applied over new or old concrete as needed.

Using Epoxy Flooring in Your Industry

Epoxy floor coatings are typically applied directly over concrete flooring. They are often used in warehouses, industrial sites, retail shops, restaurants, medical facilities, and other commercial facilities that require safe, clean conditions for workers, clients, inventory, or equipment.

When the epoxy is applied, it bonds to the porous surface of the concrete. For maximum effectiveness, the concrete must be clean and fully cured. Epoxy goes on quickly, is ready to use within hours, and offers a seamless surface that resists stains, moisture, and microbes for maximum safety in virtually any setting.

Whether you’re looking for flooring solutions to handle heavy equipment, such as an airplane hangar or garage, or you just need something that can withstand the rigors of day-to-day use, such as the back kitchen of your diner, epoxy will meet and exceed your expectations.

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