How to Protect Your Flooring from Hidden Predators?

Florida’s warm sunny weather attracts people from around the world in search of rest and relaxation. Nestled between the warm Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, Florida has a steamy tropical climate that gives it the reputation of having the most humid climate in the U.S. That humidity might feel fantastic when the rest of the country is shivering in January, but it isn’t so great for our flooring systems. Appropriate moisture control is a must in Florida to keep humidity and hidden predators from destroying your floor.

Moisture Damage: What You Need to Know

Water damage can destroy your flooring. Moisture can cause adhesives to fail, it can destroy floating floors, it can cause thin-set to fail, and it can lead to flaking or chipping grout. While you might think of floods or catastrophic water issues when you think of water damage, moisture-related problems often begin much more subtly. They often start with the subfloor.

In other words, the biggest risks to your flooring don’t come from the water outside the floor but from moisture that accumulates between the concrete and the flooring.

When the subfloor is laid, water is mixed in with the cement. The amount of water used affects the setting time. Any other sources of water in the area will further affect the set time, including:
• Rain
• Sprinkler systems
• Groundwater
• Plumbing leaks
• Ambient conditions, such as high humidity

The slab can absorb water from the air above it, the ground below it and other sources. Any excess moisture can ultimately undermine the installation of your flooring if it is not properly addressed. Moisture damage can be worsened by inadequate drainage. Groundwater, rainfall or pooling water can all intrude on your structure and move into the concrete.

Protecting Against Moisture Damage

To prevent moisture damage to your floor, Blackrock Industrial recommends using moisture vapor control. Properly installed moisture vapor control can reduce the amount of moisture that intrudes on your flooring. Vapor control is especially critical in areas that are below-grade, such as basements or attics since they tend to be exposed to more dramatic fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Installing vapor control systems and underlayments will protect your flooring and significantly prolong its life by reducing the risk of moisture-related damage, such as cupping, crowning, buckling and cracking.

Water can be a hidden and silent predator, penetrating concrete slabs and destroying wood flooring systems. Fight back with moisture vapor control systems that will protect your home or business and keep your floor looking and functioning at its best.

About Blackrock Industrial

At Blackrock Industrial, we can help you combat excess moisture and reduce the risk of moisture damage to your floor. We use materials that bond securely with concrete and seal it against moisture intrusion under adverse conditions. Our team is certified by some of the industry leaders and can help you protect your flooring from moisture damage. We can also recommend sealants and products to protect from external moisture damage. Contact us today to learn more about your options or schedule a site visit with an installation expert.