Epoxy flooring is not just for commercial use but is also an inspiration for artists

Epoxy flooring is often chosen for its strength and durability. Commercial and industrial businesses often use epoxy coatings because they can stand up to the heaviest daily use, including both foot and vehicle traffic. Epoxy is made using a special resin and hardener, and it bonds with the underlying surface. This creates a coating that is strong, secure, and extremely hard. It is seamless and non-slip and will protect the flooring while sealing it against microbes and pathogens. The epoxy resists damage from moisture, impacts, and thermal shock and can last for years, requiring minimal maintenance apart from regular sweeping and mopping.

The benefits of epoxy are many, but one that is rarely considered in industrial environments is its beauty. However, the beauty and artistic epoxy flooring inspiration are undeniable.

Epoxy flooring has a smooth, mirror-like surface that shines brightly. It comes in a beautiful array of colors and textures. At Blackrock Industrial, our epoxy flooring Miami technicians can also use a variety of additives, such as flake to create eye-catching confetti-like finishes or shimmer to mimic water, metal, or marble. Our team can also incorporate a combination of colors, additives, and patterns to recreate company logos, add safety stripes, or create designs and patterns. We can take artistic epoxy flooring inspiration from many sources, including your existing design scheme, color palette, or images. Additional UV protection will ensure the colors and patterns stay bright and beautiful throughout the life of your flooring.

Finding Artistic Epoxy Flooring Inspiration for Your Space

1. Pick a color.

Color is perhaps one of the most fundamental aspects of your design scheme. Subtle colors tend to be more sophisticated or refined while bright, vivid colors have a more playful feel to them.

2. Pick a style.

The color scheme is just the first step. After you decide on colors, you will have an opportunity to choose application techniques, contrasts, additives, and other options to further complement your space and overall aesthetic.

3. Pick a purpose.

While designing the look of your floor is likely to be an exciting experience, keep the final use of your floor in mind. Epoxy is a top coat that protects the underlying floor from spills, heavy traffic, impacts, and other damage. You can incorporate other additives and materials in it to further protect your floor and users, so let us know how your flooring will ultimately be used so that we can help you make the best flooring decisions for your space.

Unlike more conventional flooring options, industrial epoxy flooring allows for extensive customization. Our experts in epoxy flooring Miami can mix pigments and additives using a variety of techniques to create the ideal epoxy floor for residential or commercial spaces. We have several different methods and looks that can work well depending on the spaces and purposes of those spaces, including looks for:

Parking garages and auto showrooms
Retail facilities
Salons and barbershops
Commercial establishments
Office buildings
Art galleries and museums
Restaurants, bars, and other food service environments
Pools, pool decks, gyms, and locker rooms
Entertainment venues
Airports, hangars, and concourses

Our beautiful artistic industrial epoxy flooring finishes don’t just protect the underlying floor but improve its quality. Your floor will look great year after year and function at its best while requiring minimal maintenance. Suspended metallic microparticles offer incredible depth with a mirror-like shine, adding brilliants and beauty in one easy step. You can create an ambiance and design scheme in one simple step with your flooring whether you are looking to make a bold, over-the-top statement or keep it simple, sleek, and professional.

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