Benefits of epoxy flooring installations for aerospace hangers

Few places exist where safety is as critical as an aerospace hangar. Hangars also tend to be busy spaces, which means that their floors must be up for the job. Spills, leaks, messes, heavy traffic, and anything else cannot be allowed to impede the important work that goes on, nor can anything interfere with the safety of the aircraft. Epoxy flooring installations make cleanup a breeze while offering a layer of protection for the underlying concrete flooring. Blackrock Industrial specializes in epoxy flooring installations that can stand up to the toughest use and harshest chemicals.

Why Use Epoxy in Aerospace Hangars?

Aerospace facilities have specific needs, especially regarding maintenance and the vehicles using them. Epoxy helps meet these needs effectively and efficiently with:

  • Easy cleanup by eliminating the need for constant scrubbing and harsh cleaning chemicals and instead making it easy to clean thanks to its natural moisture-repelling properties
  • Naturally incorporated safety features that repel rather than absorb spilled chemicals, keeping crews safer and protecting equipment
  • Greater traction with the slip-resistant feature, reducing the chance of airplane tires skidding or crews slipping when floors are affected by moisture or water
  • Impact protection guarding against damage from dropped tools or other materials and constant traffic.

Epoxy is strong and durable and resistant to both chemicals and stains. Here at Blackrock Industrial, we use only the highest quality materials in our flooring installation work to meet the exacting standards of the aerospace industry.

We install epoxy floors that are light reflective, improving visibility and making it easier for you to remove F.O.D. The chemical- and moisture-resistant nature of epoxy makes it easier for you to clean up spills, including oil, grease, water, and other chemicals. They will not seep into the concrete to stain or damage it. Instead, you can easily clean up anything, even Skydrol or harsh chemicals. The epoxy will not become stained, damaged, etched, or degraded but will retain its brilliance, color, and durable luster.

Maintenance is also easy, requiring only periodic sweeping and mopping. You can use an auto scrubber for deeper cleaning and keep a safe working environment. The underlying floor will stay strong and durable for years, resisting damage from external factors, such as heavy machinery or dropped tools.

Choosing an Epoxy Flooring Installation for your Aerospace Hangar

When you choose epoxy for your aircraft hangar, we can custom mix an epoxy solution based on your specifications, adjusting it for aesthetic or functional purposes. We can create specific colors or textures for maintenance or crew areas or aerospace hangers.

Our flooring installations are affordable and versatile and will stand up to the toughest use in aerospace facilities, including maintenance bays, assembly areas, repair stations, military facilities, labs, and more. We offer a seamless design specifically for your facility for easy cleaning and enhanced safety, working with the most reputable manufacturers in the country. Our products are designed to resist Skydrol and other substances while protecting against thermal shock and controlling static. Call us today to learn more about how epoxy and urethane floorings can be an effective solution for your facility.