Hottest Restaurant Floor Trends

Flooring for restaurants needs to be more than merely functional. It should also fit the restaurant in terms of style and aesthetics. You can choose from numerous flooring materials, colors, patterns, and more. Here’s what you need to know about the latest trends for New York hotspots.

Hottest Restaurant Floor Trends Right Now

Your eatery’s floor serves as the foundation, both literally and figuratively, of its aesthetic. The right floor can ensure that guests feel right at home, and with the right color scheme and features, it can even work with other design features to encourage them to stay longer and order more. Some of the latest trends in food service flooring include:

1. Natural Tones and Motifs

Although shades of gray have dominated the design world for the last several years, people are turning again to cheery browns and other warm natural shades to create spaces that feel cozy and welcoming. Hazel, coffee, chocolate, sepia, mahogany, and other shades of brown are all soaring in popularity right now.

Patterns matter here, too, and certain types of floors, such as concrete and epoxy, can be made to mimic water, stone, or other natural materials and bring the outside indoors.

2. Matte Finishes

High-shine floors have a certain energy, but matte finishes are taking the design world by storm right now. Low-sheen finishes tend to feel quite natural while offering a beautiful, velvety look that feels warm and appealing.

3. Patterns and Designs

Custom floors with intricate patterns or designs can significantly increase the visual interest of a space. From checkerboard patterns to terrazzo mosaics, custom floors can add a serious “wow factor” and drama to your restaurant.

Achieving Your Style Goals with Epoxy and Concrete Floors

Seamless concrete and epoxy floors have been the most popular flooring choices for restaurants for the past decade. They work well with any of these trends. We can stain your concrete flooring with a rich umber or velvety sand or use stamped patterns to create a whimsical natural feeling. They have a naturally matte finish that is visually appealing with a smooth feel. Polishing them can add just a hint of shine while smoothing and sealing the surface against stains and minor damage. Epoxy is also incredibly versatile and can alter the color of your floors and create intricate geometric and other patterns to delineate specific areas or create an eye-popping new look.

At Blackrock Industrial, we’re proud to offer a wide range of restaurant flooring solutions that are versatile, highly functional, durable, and easy to maintain. Because they’re seamless, they’re also easier to keep clean and less likely to harbor potentially dangerous pathogens. Adding epoxy can bring added anti-microbial features to help you keep your restaurant cleaner and safer. Call our offices today to learn more or schedule a meeting with our team.