Waterproof Traffic Coating for Your Parking Garage

The constant traffic in a parking garage necessitates a traffic coating that can withstand even the heaviest daily use. Without weatherproof traffic coatings, your parking garage floor will quickly begin to deteriorate. Painted directional markings will fade. The concrete could develop fissures, cracks, and potholes, compromising its overall integrity. At Blackrock Industrial, we will help you find the right water-resistant garage floor coating to protect your parking garage and keep it looking and functioning at its best.

What Is a Traffic Coating?

A traffic coating is a special stain or sealant that is designed to protect concrete against external damage. Parking facilities face unique challenges, which can threaten the stability of the concrete slab. While concrete is an extremely durable material, the markings on it can be damaged by exposure to a variety of chemicals and contaminants, including:

• Fuel and oil spills
• Tire marks
• Rain, snow, ice, and hail
• Street salt
• Chlorides
• Environmental pollutants
• Water intrusion
• Carbonation

With a waterproof garage floor coating, the concrete of your parking facility will be protected from water damage and chemical exposure. The markings will be preserved, and the concrete will be better able to withstand the constant pressure from the vehicles.

The Benefits of Using a Garage Floor Coating

Concrete has been used for decades in parking facilities and auto showrooms thanks to its strength and durability. Adding a waterproof garage floor will help prolong the life of your concrete flooring and protect the integrity of any markings on the flooring. Coatings can also incorporate a variety of safety features. Light reflective additives can improve visibility in multi-level structures while additional traction can be included to improve skid-resistance in both pedestrian or vehicle areas.

The right floor coating can make a big difference for your parking garage. It can include a wide range of elements, depending on your facility’s specific needs, including:

• UV-resistance
• Color stability
• Waterproofing underlayments
• Weather resistance
• Slip resistance

At Blackrock Industrial, we will work with you to find the right solution to your needs. We have coatings that can be applied to damp substrates, cure in a variety of temperature extremes, and allow you to get back to business as usual within hours rather than days or weeks. What this means is that your overall costs are lowered, with less expense for labor and a faster return to normal operating hours.

About Blackrock Industrial

Blackrock Industrial offers a wide selection of specialty commercial flooring systems, including Division 3 and Division 9 architectural finishes and epoxy coatings. As South Florida’s leading industrial flooring contractor for epoxy coatings, we install traffic deck floor coating systems that are designed to preserve and protect parking ramps, garages, decks, and more. Our systems can withstand the heaviest vehicle traffic while protecting the substrate from the damaging effects of water, chemicals, and UV light. Call us today to schedule a site visit with an installation specialist or to learn more about our epoxy floor coating products.