South Florida’s Premier Commercial Kitchen Flooring Solution

A kitchen is often said to be the heart of the home. Often the busiest room of a home, the kitchen tends to be the social center where everyone gathers. Not surprisingly, commercial kitchens are not just hubs of activity but frenetic spaces, and the surfaces are exposed to dramatic temperature extremes, the constant threat of spills, occasional chemical exposure, and heavy foot and cart traffic. Flooring must be capable of withstanding these harsh demands while maintaining safety and comfort for staff. At Blackrock Industrial, these are the exact types of flooring applications in which we specialize.

Understanding the Needs of Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens have highly specialized needs, and at Blackrock Industrial, we can meet those needs with a variety of specialty applications. We offer ultra-durable and seamless epoxy coatings that can offer everything you need in a commercial kitchen, including:

  • Safety and slip resistance for better traction and protection against falls
  • Sanitation and easy cleaning
  • Anti-microbial features for improved hygiene
  • Aesthetics for a kitchen floor that fits well into your overall design scheme and supports your branding
  • Supports your staff’s comfort

Regardless of whether you are operating a small cafe or a large processing plant, seamless epoxy flooring is a great solution.

Choosing a Premier Commercial Kitchen Flooring

You have many options when it comes to choosing a flooring solution, but epoxy and urethane are premier commercial kitchen flooring options.

Considerations when planning your new flooring solution include:

  • Will it withstand spills, including hot and cold materials, acidic and alkaline materials, and chemical cleaning agents?
  • Is it moisture tolerant?
  • Will it expand and contract with exposure to thermal changes?
  • Does the installation time require extensive turnaround time?
  • Does it have antimicrobial properties?
  • Can the flooring be pitched toward the drains?

Epoxy is an ultra-durable, shock-resistant surface that can withstand thermal shock and constant exposure to chemicals and moisture. You can clean it easily and efficiently, and harsh chemicals will not strip the finish. Antimicrobial agents can be incorporated into the seamless finish to further protect your floor and better support all safety and sanitation regulations of various agencies, including the USDA, the FDA, OSHA, and local Florida health departments.

The slip resistance improves traction even when wet and keeps your staff safer and more comfortable in all conditions while reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Epoxy and urethane flooring systems are uniquely suited to commercial kitchens, food production environments, breweries, food processing plants, coolers, refrigerators, freezers, restaurants, and more.

Blackrock Industrial: South Florida’s Premier Flooring Solution

The flooring material is not the only consideration. The team installing your new floor also matters. At Blackrock Industrial, our team has extensive experience, and we strive for complete customer satisfaction with each job we do. We are proud to partner with some of America’s biggest brands and product manufacturers, which enables us to stay current on all of our certifications and offer broader and longer warranties than any other commercial or industrial flooring contractor while still providing you with affordable, high-quality flooring solutions you want and need.

Contact us today to learn more about commercial kitchen flooring solutions or to schedule an appointment with our team.