Blackrock Industrial’s Concrete Flooring Services In Miami

For many years, Blackrock Industrial has been refinishing concrete floors in homes and businesses throughout South Florida at a high level. Our claim to fame is attention to detail and dedication to laying down the finest concrete possible. Our concrete flooring remediation services are especially revered throughout the South Florida area.

The Upsides of Concrete Floor Remediation

Even the best concrete floors need care throughout the years if you want to get the most out of them. Spending a few bucks on polishing and resurfacing will save you a fortune in the long run. Ultimately, doing so will boost property values, reduce maintenance costs, and increase the profitability of any property.

What Blackrock Can Do for Your Concrete Floors

While Blackrock Industrial can do a lot for your concrete floors, our core competencies can be boiled down to a few specific areas of focus.


Nothing makes a concrete floor last longer than a good polishing. If you grind the surface down to a fine finish, you can make concrete virtually impervious to oil damage and flaking for decades. At Blackrock, we use the latest state-of-the-art diamond polishing hardware to ensure that your concrete floors are practically indestructible.


Whether your concrete floors need a minor adjustment or a complete makeover, Blackrock Industrial is the concrete flooring contractor for the job. We can slope your floors or add overlayments up to 6 inches thick in a flash regardless of the situation. When we resurface a concrete floor, the final product will stand up to even the most severe punishment.


Without a doubt, sealing concrete floors is the best way to prevent long-term damage due to physical trauma or environmental factors. The kinds of industrial floors Miami business owners want can be made a reality in short order with our sealing process. We use only the finest AmeriPolish and L&M products to guarantee that your concrete is fully protected.


Even the best concrete floors can become uneven over time if the ground beneath them isn’t supported by bedrock. A self-leveling polymer concrete treatment can get your floors back to normal in record time without costing a fortune. Our seasoned technicians can level any concrete floor no matter how slanted it may be.

Why Blackrock Is the Go-To Concrete Floor Outfit in South Florida

Producing the best industrial floors Miami business owners could dream of doesn’t happen by accident. At Blackrock Industrial, we rely on our team of skilled artisans to get the job done perfectly. We heavily invest in the appropriate equipment and training to ensure that our team does right by you every time.

Make Your Concrete Floors Shine the Blackrock Way!

When you need a South Florida concrete flooring contractor that can make magic happen, Blackrock Industrial is the solution. We refuse to cut corners, we love a challenge, and we never leave our clients in the lurch. If you’ve got a concrete floor problem that you think is beyond repair, call us today to see what we can do for you.