Commercial flooring options for your New York restaurant

Commercial kitchens and restaurants have some pretty specific needs when it comes to their flooring. These floors need to be able to take a beating, and they also need to keep up with the people who use them the most: your staff. Whatever flooring material you choose for your New York restaurant, it needs to withstand temperature changes that can trigger thermal shock, constant foot and cart traffic, heavy loads, and spills. It also needs to be easy to clean and maintain so that your clients can enjoy a safe, sanitary dining experience. Epoxy commercial flooring is a great choice, and it can do all of that and more. Keep reading to discover the benefits of epoxy floors for restaurants and kitchens.

1. Epoxy is attractive.

Appearances matter, and in your restaurant, you need a flooring material that looks as good as it functions. Epoxy has a high-gloss finish with a mega-watt shine. It’s naturally reflective especially with light, so you could even save on energy bills.

2. Epoxy is safe.

Spills are an everyday fact of life in restaurants. From acidic tomato sauces to greasy messes, your floor could face an almost non-stop barrage depending on how busy your staff is. Slips-and-falls are a real risk, and they pose not just a risk to your staff but also to your New York business.

Despite its brilliant shine, epoxy’s non-slip surface repels moisture and resists staining. No matter what gets dropped, it’ll look great year after year, and your staff will be safer, too.

3. Epoxy is easy.

Keeping floors clean might feel like a full-time job, especially in high-traffic spaces. Epoxy can take just about any kind of abuse without showing excessive wear and tear. You just need to sweep and dust mop to minimize the shine-marring friction. If you need deeper cleaning, you can mop with a mild detergent solution.

Epoxy is not just easy to maintain but also easy to install. It doesn’t require special equipment, and professionals can have it ready to use in less time than you might imagine.

4. Epoxy resists damage.

With an epoxy floor, you’ll no longer need to worry about spills, but stains won’t be a problem, either. Some flooring materials are damaged or even ruined when they come in contact with certain substances. Oil, for example, can seep into concrete and leave long-lasting discolorations. Acidic messes can etch a variety of surfaces. Brightly colored foods and drinks, such as wine and juice, can leave brightly colored stains.

Epoxy resists water and oil and is chemically resistant. All you have to do to keep it looking its best is wipe up spills promptly and use a mop as needed.

5. Epoxy protects.

You can pour epoxy directly over concrete and other flooring materials, and once it cures, it will protect the underlying floor. It will penetrate the cracks and porous surface of the flooring to restore even badly damaged spots and protect them from future cracks, chips, and other damage.

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