5 Reasons Why Restaurants Are Choosing Seamless Floors over Tile and Stone

Most people have experienced the minor inconvenience of going out to eat with friends and loved ones and being seated at a table that wobbled back and forth. Tables shake, drinks spill and everyone’s OCD starts to kick in as they wish the table would just stop wobbling. Wait for the waiter to pass by. Ask him to place a shim under the table. Problem solved.

Seamless concrete and epoxy floors solve this problem, but this is not the only reason restaurant chains have begun choosing these flooring systems over the past decade. For most people floors are simply something that they walk on. For restaurant owners and operators, floors are an asset and tool that needs to be relied on for the efficient operation of their business.

So why have most of the nation’s major restaurant chains, as well as boutique dining establishments, moved in the direction of seamless flooring for their business? Here are five reasons:

  • Level Surfaces without Grout-Lines and Elevation Discrepancies – Concrete flooring and epoxy flooring solutions provide seamless, level surfaces that decrease the wear-and-tear on restaurant equipment and cleaning inventory. Tables, chairs, rolling carts, wheelchairs and strollers are easily moved over these surfaces without damage and without the rattling sound of glass and dish-ware.
  • Open and Organic Aesthetics – The seamless and open visual aesthetic concrete and epoxy flooring provide open up the space for restaurant patrons when they walk in. There is less visual clutter in the space, and interior décor can be orchestrated more freely.
  • Low Maintenance – Concrete flooring and epoxy flooring solutions are easy to maintain. Once they are properly installed, they are permanent and do not need further repair. This helps restaurant owners in that that they do not need to account for maintenance downtime or operational delays. No need to strip, wax or seal ever again.
  • Sanitary Regulations and Requirements – Local and governmental agencies have begun cracking down on sanitary regulations enforced by the USDA, FDA and local Health Departments. Epoxy flooring and concrete flooring provide the means necessary for restaurant facilities to pass their inspections with ease, as all of these flooring solutions have non-porous and antimicrobial characteristics.
  • Affordable and Budget Friendly – Polished Concrete floors, as well as epoxy floors, remain the most affordable flooring system on the planet. For the price, there is no doubt that concrete and epoxy flooring provide end-users the best bang for their buck.

Blackrock Industrial specializes in the seamless and hassle-free installation of concrete flooring and epoxy flooring systems. Give us a call to find out how we can provide your establishment with a beautiful, permanent flooring solution and learn why we are the most trusted concrete and epoxy flooring contractor for some of the largest restaurant chains in the United States.