What Defines a Chemical Resistant Floor?

Chemical exposure can destroy floors very quickly. Chemical resistant flooring solutions, such as epoxy flooring and urethane, contain properties that protect against spills, acids, solvents, alkalis, animal fats, and corrosive materials.

In today’s marketplace, there are very few flooring products that offer chemical resistant properties for business owners, large corporations and municipalities. Urethane and epoxy flooring systems remain one of the most sought-after flooring solutions in the world due to the affordability of the product and installation, as well as the quick turnaround time for providing the end-product.

Degradation and destruction of floors due to chemical exposure and attack cost organizations time and money, and these bills rack up very swiftly if they are not tended to immediately. This is why it is always best to tackle these potential hazards before problems arise.

Epoxy flooring installations extend the functional life and vibrancy of floors and meet all environmental and safety standards set in place by federal regulatory bodies. At Blackrock Industrial, we define a Chemical Resistant Floor as one that is:

  • Seamless – Floors with seams and grout-lines are vulnerable to chemical intrusion. Seamless floors remedy the risks associated with “pick-up” flooring systems.
  • Epoxy Based – Epoxy flooring installations provide a durable and non-porous surface that protects against corrosion and intrusion of chemical contaminants.
  • Urethane Coated – Chemical Resistant Urethanes are the primary protector for existing or newly installed flooring installations. Low VOC and environmentally-friendly, urethane flooring systems are paramount in defining a flooring system that is invulnerable to chemical-imposed degradation.
  • Novolac Coated – Novolac epoxies are one of the only products that can withstand the harsh and aggressive exposure of battery acids and alkalis. These products are typically graded and manufactured to withstand battery acid exposure for 3-5 years.
  • Polyaspartic Coated – Polyaspartic products are new to the market and have proven to be one of the most durable and resilient resinous flooring products available. Thick and gummy, Polyaspartic flooring systems resist the unforgiving assault of chemical exposure.

Chemical Resistant Flooring products are difficult to work with and require experienced epoxy flooring contractors for proper installation. At Blackrock Industrial, we are recognized as one of the most reliable epoxy flooring contractors in Miami and its surroundings. We specialize in the efficient and timely installation of these flooring solutions that can help provide your space with the protection it needs.

Give us a call and speak to one of our installation specialists to learn how our epoxy flooring solutions can benefit your space.