Tips on How to Maintain your Epoxy Floors

Maintaining Your Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring is extremely popular with both commercial and residential customers. Epoxy is a strong, durable material that can withstand even heavy use while resisting stains, moisture, microbes and chemicals. It has a variety of aesthetic finishes to suit any environment, and it’s easy to maintain. At Blackrock Industrial, our epoxy flooring contractor in Miami can help you find the right epoxy flooring system to meet your needs.

Maintaining Epoxy Floors

Sweeping your epoxy floor will keep it free of debris that can etch the finish. Sweep your floor daily using a soft-bristled broom or Swiffer Sweeper. For commercial floors, use a dust mop. You can also vacuum your floor on the lowest setting much like you’d vacuum any other bare flooring.

While maintaining epoxy floors is easy, sweeping isn’t always enough. Periodically, you’ll need to mop your floor. High-traffic areas might need to be mopped as often as daily, but in residential environments, you may only need to mop once a week. Low traffic areas may need mopping less frequently. Use a soft mop and mild cleansers, such as one part Simple Green and eight parts hot water. You can also use an ammonia-based cleanser at a ratio of ½ cup ammonia to one gallon of hot water. For rust or mineral buildup, use CLR cleaner in a 1:1 ratio. Avoid harsh citrus or abrasive cleaners that could strip or damage the flooring. Once you apply the cleanser, mop up immediately. Also avoid soap-based cleansers, which can leave a slippery residue that could be hard to rinse away thoroughly.

If you let the cleanser sit longer than necessary when performing epoxy floors maintenance, it could strip the glossy finish. That could result in your floor developing a dull or streaked look. After cleaning, hose off the flooring and squeegee it dry to reduce the risk of streaking and smearing.

Preventive Epoxy Floors Maintenance

Epoxy flooring is extremely durable, but proper care can ensure it lasts a long time. Place protective mats at entrances to limit the transfer of debris from shoes to flooring. In garage areas, use mats or plywood beneath kickstands and jack stands. This reduces the risk of nicks, gouges and scratches.

Clean spills or messes immediately. Wet spots can be slippery and pose safety hazards. If the spill is caustic or harsh, it can also damage the flooring. Clean the spill as soon as it occurs, and your flooring will be better for it. If you notice discoloration, treat it as soon as possible. Don’t give it time to set: Treat it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If flooring begins to look dull, it might be caused by cleanser buildup and can be removed with proper cleaning techniques.

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