The Ideal Parking Garage Flooring Solution

Parking garage flooring systems have come a long way from plain, lifeless-looking concrete. Your tenants and customers expect more from their living spaces, and that extends to their vehicles, too. Give them what they want with a parking garage flooring system that wows, a flooring system worthy of a showroom floor.

Epoxy Traffic Deck Coating Systems

Epoxy can be installed over your existing concrete or new concrete flooring, but it can involve more downtime for your facility. However, the benefits are well worth the investment and downtime, including:

1. Greater Durability
Epoxy flooring systems harden to form a strong, smooth seal that is resistant to the kind of high traffic environmental damage that most garages see, including fluid spills, tire marks, impacts, grit and abrasion damage, and temperature extremes. Even better, epoxy covers small damage, such as minor irregularities and hairline cracks, extending the lifespan of the existing concrete flooring.

2. Greater Functionality
Epoxy flooring is naturally resistant to moisture and water damage, making it ideal for parking garages. Furthermore, epoxy has built-in non-slip characteristics and is easy to clean using pressure washers, machines or epoxy-specific cleaners. When used as a sealant with concrete flooring, it prevents future concrete degradation and protects against concrete dust forming and collecting.

3. Greater Affordability
Epoxy flooring might seem more expensive than some other types of flooring systems at first glance. However, inexpensive flooring systems often cost more over the lifetime of the floor, thanks to inspection, cleaning and repair costs. Epoxy flooring systems are easy to clean and maintain and preserve the underlying floor system. Furthermore, the highly reflective coating can reduce your lighting costs.

Polyurethane Traffic Deck Coating Systems

Polyurethane coatings can also be a good choice for parking garage flooring systems. Polyurethane coats the underlying concrete system to prevent deterioration, which improves overall safety and extends the lifespan of the floor as well. Polyurethane garage floor coatings are easy to clean, and the surface is waterproof, eliminating the need for special routines or maintenance procedures. Once applied, polyurethane is strong and durable even under the weight of heavy vehicles, moving traffic and daily use.

Safe and Reliable Garage Flooring

Blackrock Industrial is a leading epoxy flooring contractor Miami, and we can help you find the best coating system for your concrete parking structure. We understand that structural integrity is not an option and that concrete can be vulnerable to damage from rain, hail, sunlight, heat, and cold. Even in covered or enclosed parking garages, concrete can become damaged by road or vehicle chemicals, gritty road debris and the weight of the vehicles as well as the movement of hot tires. We can help you find the right sealant or traffic deck coating system to extend the life of your concrete garage flooring system and protect your investment.

About Blackrock Industrial

At Blackrock Industrial, leading epoxy flooring contractor Miami, we offer a variety of traffic deck coating systems to protect your parking flooring from the damaging effects of salts, chemicals, water, and day-to-day use. Our systems are 100 percent UV stable with superior traction and slip resistance and can be accented with a variety of colors and add-ins for endless personalization options. Contact us today to learn more about how traffic deck coatings can transform your parking garage or schedule a site visit with a member of our team.