Self-Leveling Concrete Floors for Commercial and Industrial Facilities

Concrete floors are perennially popular in commercial and industrial spaces thanks to their strength, durability, and versatility. Of course, nothing lasts forever, and if your concrete floors are aging and in need of repair, you might be curious about resurfacing with self-leveling industrial floors. Resurfacing can make your floors look and feel new again.

What Are Self-Leveling Floors?

Self-leveling concrete is a popular industrial flooring solution. The concrete is modified with urethane polymers to create a highly-viscous material. It pours like a liquid and runs across the floor to create a flat, even surface with minimal need for smoothing.

You can use self-leveling concrete on hard floors that:

• Are cracked
• Have varied elevation
• Are uneven
• Are sunken

The concrete can be poured directly over your existing floor, including concrete, wood, VCT, ceramic tile, plywood, or other hard surfaces. After it is poured, the concrete is carefully spread, and we can apply stains, dyes, or decorative overlays for customization. The end results are smooth and flat with a compressive strength similar to that of traditional concrete flooring.

The Benefits of Concrete Industrial Flooring

The simplicity and ease of installation of concrete make it a great choice for a variety of applications and businesses. It is strong, has low permeability, and has minimal installation time.

Benefits include:

1. Durability
This special concrete combines cement with polymer urethane to create one of the most durable flooring materials currently available.

2. Easy installation
We can resurface your industrial floors without altering the existing floor, applying the concrete slurry directly to the floor without the need for additional steps, such as primer or topcoat.

3. Resistant to environmental damage
Industrial environments require industrial solutions. Concrete resists moisture, thermal shock, and chemicals. It will hold up in harsh environments without weakening or degrading prematurely.

4. Easy maintenance
The glass-like smoothness of self-leveling flooring makes it easy to clean without the need for additional grinding, topcoats, shining, or finishing.

5. Versatility
Concrete flooring can be customized according to your business’ aesthetic. You can combine it with a variety of additives, pigments, stains, topcoats, or other decorative media to create a look that is as visually appealing as it is functional.

Commercial Flooring Solutions

If you have uneven floors in your facility, self-leveling commercial flooring solutions can quickly and effectively restore them. Any industrial or commercial facility that has concrete flooring can benefit from self-leveling flooring, including:

• Retail stores
• Showrooms
• Commercial kitchens
• Warehouses
• Residential and institutional facilities
• Light industrial applications

If you are ready to resurface your floor and are interested in a strong, durable flooring solution, resurfacing with concrete can be a good option. At Blackrock Industrial, we offer a wide range of commercial flooring solutions for businesses of all sizes and types, including epoxy, urethane, terrazzo, and concrete. Contact Blackrock Industrial today to learn more about our industrial flooring options or to schedule a site visit with our team.


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