Seamless Terrazzo and Epoxy Floors for Hospitals and Other Medical Facilities

Hospitals are often considered paragons of cleanliness, but they might not be as clean as you think, especially the flooring. After all, hundreds or thousands of people could be passing through the campus at any given time, and each of them could be tracking just about anything on their feet. How dirty could the hospital floor be? As it turns out, that floor could be pretty dirty, contaminated by some of the worst pathogens we know, and those bacteria can quickly travel from the floor to high-touch surfaces like doorknobs and light switches. From there, it’s just a short jump to the hands and clothing of staff and patients or visitors.

How Hospital Floors Spread Pathogens

A recent study,, evaluated more than 150 rooms in five hospitals in the Cleveland area. The researchers swabbed medical devices, supplies, linens, clothing and hands. They found C. difficile, MRSA VRE and other pathogens in more than a quarter of the occupied rooms. High-touch surfaces are typically the primary focus of most cleaning efforts, which means the pathogens on the floor are left to spread to hands and other surfaces throughout the room. Researchers noted that hospital floors might be to blame for spreading more pathogens than previously understood and worthy of more research.

More thorough floor cleaning is a start, but tile, linoleum and concrete flooring can still harbor pathogens in small fissures and seams, leaving people nearly as vulnerable as before the floors were cleaned. Seamless healthcare facility flooring is simply a better choice.

Epoxy for Hospital Floors and Patient Safety

Seamless and puncture-resistant terrazzo and epoxy flooring eliminates those bumps, fissures, seams and crevices that can harbor dangerous MRSA and other bacteria, which are so notorious for their role in healthcare-associated infections. Sealed epoxy flooring is also stain-resistant and easy to maintain, making it a smart and cost-effective solution for busy healthcare facilities. Regular sweeping keeps surface debris under control while a commercial scrubber can clean heavily soiled areas and highly trafficked areas.

If your goal is to maintain the highest-quality patient and faculty safety, our seamless healthcare facility flooring systems using terrazzo and epoxy flooring is a great choice. Few industries face the kinds of bacterial onslaughts that healthcare facilities do, and even fewer are held to such rigorous safety standards. You need a flooring system that works with rather than against you. Epoxy-based flooring systems can include advanced anti-microbial properties that combat cross-contamination and give you more power to fight back against healthcare-associated infections and disease.

Epoxy is a premier flooring product preferred by healthcare facilities everywhere due to its sanitary and hygienic properties as well as:

  • Slip-resistant
  • Easy to clean, requiring no stripping or waxing
  • Durable and resistant to stains, including Betadine
  • Capable of supporting even the most stringent hygiene requirements
  • Puncture-resistant

Seamless terrazzo and epoxy for hospital floors can be installed in patient areas, hospital hallways, lobbies, dialysis areas, operating rooms, mechanical rooms, break areas, cafeterias, back-area kitchens and anywhere else you need a clean, durable, sanitary flooring solution.

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