Recycled Concrete

Sustainability is one of the hottest trends in commercial concrete today. While concrete is already a fairly eco-friendly material, cement manufacturers and others in the industry are constantly looking for new and greener ways to produce the concrete needed for strong, durable flooring and more. Concrete’s energy efficiency, long lifespan, cost-effectiveness, strength, and durability combine to make it one of the most versatile building materials currently available. For this reason, the industry continues to seek ways to lower the carbon footprint further and ensure long-term sustainability.

Recycled Concrete

In the last several decades, concrete manufacturers have worked hard to increase the sustainability of their products. Some have switched to alternative fuel sources during the manufacturing process. Advanced techniques have significantly reduced the amount of energy needed to produce cement, too.

Concrete manufacturers have further developed their techniques to include recycled and green concrete. When concrete structures are torn down, the demolished concrete is broken into aggregate. Recycling keeps it out of landfills and breathes new life into it.

To make recycled concrete, manufacturers first remove any contaminants. Then they crush the demolished concrete to an appropriate size to serve as aggregate. The aggregate is mixed with hydrated cement paste, and the resulting material can then be incorporated into new concrete or bituminous concrete. Up to 30% of natural aggregate can be replaced with recycled aggregate without compromising strength or resilience in freeze-thaw cycles.

The Benefits of Recycled Concrete

Recycled concrete is a green material that can help save energy and the associated greenhouse gasses. It’s also strong and resilient, making it a functional and cost-effective building material. Concrete structures can last decades, and they require little or no maintenance throughout their life. Concrete will not burn, and it’s resilient to moisture damage. It’s strong enough to withstand heavy vehicle traffic and is resilient against many kinds of disasters. It installs quickly and will not require excessive downtime for your facility. We can even finish it in a variety of attractive ways to better support your brand or aesthetic.

Blackrock Industrial

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