Our different styles, designs and finishes of epoxy and concrete flooring are the centerpieces of your space.

Epoxy flooring is no longer limited to industrial applications. Today, you can find epoxy systems in showrooms, malls, restaurants, medical facilities, and residential spaces. More people are discovering its versatility, durability, and beauty. Here’s what you need to know about making your floor the focal point of your space with the magic of epoxy.

What is Epoxy?
A resinous material that is applied directly over the existing substrate, epoxy offers many benefits, including strength, protection, durability, and longevity. The system comprises two parts: polymer resins and hardeners. When the resins and hardeners are mixed, they react chemically to bond with the floor, resulting in a strong surface that resists damage and degradation. It needs minimal maintenance while retaining its color and shine throughout its life.

What Are My Options with Epoxy?
Few flooring materials are as versatile as epoxy. With the option to include numerous pigments, colors, and additives, we can use epoxy to completely transform your space using any designs and styles. Instead of a statement wall, you’ll have a statement floor highlighting the unique aspects of a room or building and serving as a stunning backdrop for your decor.

Quartz epoxy incorporates quartz grains in the system for a beautiful appearance with a shine that pops.
Epoxy chip incorporates vinyl flake for a terrazzo-like appearance and durable color.
Solid epoxy uses 100% solids epoxy and can be applied directly for a high-shine finish or mixed with aggregate for a unique look and enhanced slip resistance.
Metallic epoxy uses refined metallic pigments for brilliant shine, eye-popping color variations, and stunning depth.

Blackrock Industrial can customize our epoxy systems to meet any needs and aesthetic goals, including finishes designed to mimic marble, granite, stone, water, and more.

What about Concrete?
Concrete flooring is another option that appeals to many. We have a variety of techniques and tools that make it easy to transform a dull, gray slab into a smooth, shiny surface with breathtaking details. We can dye, stain, stamp, or incorporate aggregate into your new or existing concrete floor and polish it to smooth perfection. The results are more than merely visually appealing: They also ensure a strong, stable floor surface capable of standing up to the toughest jobs you throw at it.

What to Expect
Whether you choose epoxy or concrete, the benefits of a new flooring system can be extensive. Your floor will be more durable with a strength that can withstand heavy foot traffic or impacts, and some flooring systems even incorporate anti-microbial and moisture-resistant features, making them a great choice in damp environments or spaces that prioritize cleanliness and sanitation.

Maintaining your new floors is easy. Regardless of the system you choose, you’ll need to do regular sweeping or dust mopping to remove debris and dirt. Periodic mopping is also necessary, but you won’t need to use waxes and other products. A mild detergent is typically sufficient along with a foam mop. The finished surface is designed to resist staining and maintain its shine, making cleanup a breeze.

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