Miami’s Concrete Flooring Services

Concrete is a strong, durable, cost-effective flooring option. At Blackrock Industrial, we provide Miami concrete flooring services and see concrete flooring as a canvas with almost unimaginable options for finishing from polishing to staining. With the right finish, concrete flooring offers not just the ideal blend of function and strength but also aesthetics and convenience.

We offer a wide range of concrete products and industrial floors Miami, including:

Concrete Polishing

Polishing concrete helps strengthen and protect the concrete slab. To polish concrete, we use only diamonds manufactured in the United States and leading-edge equipment and tooling to smooth and polish concrete, hardening it and adding a shine that helps protect the concrete against damage from oil, moisture, and other damage. There is no need for any additional coatings, which means there is no risk of peeling or lifting. Once the polishing process is complete, you can use the floor right away: There is virtually no downtime.

With polished concrete, you can opt to add stains, dyes, or other finishes depending on your aesthetic and design preferences. Maintenance needs are minimal, and all you need to do to keep your floor looking and functioning at its best is regular cleaning. Polished concrete has the longest lifespan of any other flooring option.

Concrete Resurfacing

Old or worn concrete slabs may benefit from concrete resurfacing. Concrete resurfacing is essentially a “facelift” in which a concrete overlay blended with bonding agents is poured over the existing concrete flooring to create a smooth, level new surface. As it cures, it will become stronger and more durable. At Blackrock Industrial floors Miami, we can add a variety of decorative add-ins and finishes to create the desired aesthetic finish and provide you with a floor that looks and functions just the way you want.

Concrete Sealing

As strong and durable as concrete can be, it does have some vulnerabilities, which is why sealants may be beneficial for some concrete flooring. Concrete in areas with high exposure to moisture or chemical spill can be sealed for an added layer of protection. The sealants form an impermeable bond with the porous concrete, preventing moisture and other contaminants from penetrating the concrete and staining or otherwise causing damage. Blackrock Industrial uses industry-standard sealants and application methods to prepare and seal the concrete to maximize absorption and adherence and guarantee all services for your protection.


Self-leveling concrete is an optional product that we offer our clients. It has a compressive strength as high or higher than traditional concrete but is made using special polymers with high-flow characteristics to create smooth, glassy surfaces that can be finished as you desire.

Blackrock Industrial flooring contractor offers a comprehensive suite of concrete services, from installing and finishing new concrete floors, replacing worn concrete floors, and restoring damaged concrete floors. We can help you determine the best solution for your needs, identifying cost-effective solutions to transform your flooring, protect your investment, and maximize functionality. Call us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with a member of our team.