How to Choose the Right Epoxy Floor Contractor

Epoxy floors are an increasingly popular flooring choice. Their stylish looks, rugged durability, and ease of installation make them a great choice in commercial and industrial environments, parking garages, warehouses, kitchens, healthcare facilities, and more. For a one-of-a-kind look at an affordable price, you cannot go wrong with epoxy. If you are interested in transforming your flooring with epoxy, you need to find the best epoxy flooring contractor in Miami for your needs.

1. Know what you want.

Not all contractors offer the same products or services, so your first task needs to be understanding what you want and need so that you can find someone to meet those needs. You do not necessarily need to know all the pros and cons of every type of epoxy coating or the different application methods. You simply need to know what you want from your floor and how you want it to perform. Do you need non-slip or reflective additives? Do you want a solid color? Do you want a visually stunning floor with metallic additives, chips, or flakes?

Blackrock Industrial is highly skilled in using and installing epoxy flooring systems. We know and understand how each system component works and interacts with other system components and can help you find the best epoxy solution for your needs using high-performance, 100 percent solids, VOC-compliant systems that can withstand your heaviest daily use in virtually any environment.

2. Check for licensing and insurance.

Before working with an epoxy floor contractor, you need to ensure they are both licensed and insured. Contractors must have contractor’s licenses to install concrete flooring, and you can request and look up the license number online to verify it. If a contractor seems reluctant to provide you with that information, you might want to consider another contractor.

Your contractor should also be willing to provide you with documentation demonstrating their insurance coverage and bonding. This protects you in case there are any damages to your home during the installation process or if the contractor fails to meet contractual obligations. You can call the insurance and Surety companies to verify both insurance and bonds.

At Blackrock Industrial Epoxy Floor Contractor, our experts are licensed, bonded, and insured, and our team is certified by industry-leading product manufacturers to install their products using proper techniques and methods.

3. Research their reputation and references.

A quick search can tell you a lot about an epoxy floor contractor. Check the Better Business Bureau and the state consumer protection agency to check for any complaints or actions against your preferred contractor and see if or how those actions were resolved. While online reviews are not necessarily the best source of information for every company, they can help you get a more well-rounded idea of the company you are considering.

Finally, ask your contractor for references. Your contractor should have a portfolio of their completed work readily on hand and prepared to provide you with references from satisfied customers. At Blackrock Industrial epoxy flooring contractor in Miami, we are committed to 100 percent customer satisfaction and the best customer service experience possible. We offer a written warranty to protect you and your investment against any failures in workmanship or manufacturer-related failures during the warranty period.

Contact Blackrock Industrial Epoxy Floor Contractor today to learn more about our epoxy flooring solutions or to schedule a site visit with a member of our team.