How Epoxy Flooring Can Benefit Your Cannabis Growing Facility

Cannabis grow facilities are facing increasing competition as new cultivation businesses are setting up shop in commercial spaces, industrial parks and new facilities. Keeping production costs low while maximizing high-quality yields will help these new growers build their businesses, make a profit and stay competitive in the market. Blackrock Industrial epoxy flooring contractor Miami can help you choose the best flooring material for your cannabis facility.

Cannabis Growing Facility Flooring

In both new and existing facilities, concrete tends to be the most common flooring material choice. Concrete can handle high traffic while minimizing costs. However, if the flooring is not properly protected, maintenance costs can prove exorbitant. Bare concrete is a porous, highly absorbent material. When used in grow rooms, the floors are constantly exposed to water, high humidity, fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides and other chemicals and organic solutions that can seep into the concrete, where they are impossible to fully clean.

Vapor barriers are also critical. If the vapor barrier becomes compromised or non-functioning, the concrete can absorb the moisture from the ground beneath it, which causes blistering, bubbling and other damage in the flooring and deterioration of the slab. As the moisture levels increase, so does the risk of microbes and pathogens in the flooring, which increases the risk of dangerous organisms that could risk the health of the plants, the workers and the end-users.

The Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

For the safest environments, grow room flooring should be virtually seamless, eliminating crevices, grout lines and porous surfaces that allow pathogens and soil to hide. The safest floors should also be appropriately sloped with no low-lying spots, eliminating the risk of puddles, with non-slip, non-skid surfaces, to reduce the risk of slips and falls. Epoxy offers these and several other important benefits, including:

1. Epoxy is fast and easy to clean.

The smooth surface makes it easy to remove dirt, water or debris immediately. Whether you’re using drip irrigation, hydroponics or another system, you can easily sweep, hose off or otherwise clean your floor without worrying about fungi, microbes, insects or other debris hiding in cracks and crevices.

2. Epoxy offers superior lighting.

Plants need proper light for growth. The highly reflective nature of epoxy can increase light reflectivity and insulation in your grow room and help you maintain the right temperatures for your plants, helping you save money on your utilities.

3. Epoxy can minimize downtime

You don’t want to shut your facility down for weeks just to install a new floor, and plants need constant care. With epoxy, you can easily work around the installation process. Epoxy floors can be installed quickly, only take a few days to cure, and then, you can get back to work.

Epoxy flooring has the added benefit of thermal shock resistance, which allows for easy wash-down, steam cleaning and hot power washing when necessary. It can be applied seamlessly and continuously over existing concrete surfaces, curbs and containment areas and can include antimicrobial features for sensitive locations. The surface features abrasive- and impact-resistance and can perform under the most severe daily wear-and-tear, making it ideal for even the busiest cannabis grow operations.

You can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that epoxy flooring can be formulated with low odor and low-VOC chemistries to meet EPA regulations and contribute LEED Green Building Credits. It is also fully compliant with local regulations, guidelines, FDA, USDA, EPA, ADA and OSHA guidelines, making it a safe, environmentally responsible choice.

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