Epoxy or Terrazzo floor systems safe for healthcare facilities in Miami

Epoxy and terrazzo flooring systems are an ideal choice for healthcare facility flooring. These flooring systems can help control pathogens and microorganisms, including mold, mildew, and bacteria. They’re strong, durable, and endlessly customizable. Blackrock Industrial offers a variety of epoxy and terrazzo solutions for healthcare facilities in Miami.

Healthcare facilities have strict hygiene requirements and concerns about stopping the spread of disease. The flooring might not be your first consideration when designing a doctor’s office or hospital lobby, but it can be a big help when it comes to stopping the spread of disease without compromising on appearance. Here’s what you need to know.

Understanding Epoxy and Terrazzo Systems

Terrazzo flooring has been around since the 15th century. Early workers collected marble chips from their jobs, and in an early version of upcycling, reused them to make flooring. Technological advancements since that time have led to the development of new tools and techniques that make it possible to install terrazzo faster and more efficiently. At Blackrock Industrial, we combine aggregates, such as marble, granite, glass, or quartz, with an epoxy binder with results that speak for themselves. Our terrazzo and epoxy floors are visually stunning and can last many decades with good care.

The Benefits of Epoxy and Terrazzo Flooring

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are the most obvious benefits of epoxy and terrazzo flooring, but they offer many other important advantages to healthcare facilities in Miami, including:

Lasting durability ideal for high-traffic areas
Easy to clean and care for with affordable maintenance costs
Quick installation and the ability to cover extensive areas
Slip-resistant for greater safety for patients and staff
Seamless finish for hygiene
Flexible finish with a wide range of patterns and designs to create walkways and designate workspaces

Our epoxy and terrazzo flooring also have zero VOCs, making them safer for indoor environments, and they are highly moisture-resistant, a necessity here in Florida!

How Healthcare Facilities Can Benefit from Terrazzo and Epoxy

Hospitals have a lot of traffic. It’s not just foot traffic but cart and equipment traffic, too. They need a flooring system that can stand up to that kind of heavy use, and epoxy and terrazzo systems are ideal. They can protect floors, combat pathogens, and look great for decades.

This type of flooring is also particularly cost-effective. While the upfront installation costs might be a little higher than some other types of flooring, the low-maintenance design and long-wearing finish keep epoxy and terrazzo functioning long after those other floors have been replaced.

Finally, hospitals need sanitary environments that are easy to clean. Epoxy’s nonporous surface and antimicrobial features might be able to help reduce the risk of hospital-borne pathogens. Our epoxy and terrazzo flooring systems also have low chemical emissions and zero VOCs for the safety of staff and patients, and their non-slip surface reduces the risk of falls.

If you’re ready to learn more, we can help. Contact Blackrock Industrial today to find out all about your epoxy flooring options.